Friday, May 21, 2010

The very longest time....

I guess this is the longest stretch I have gone without blogging. It has been an odd few weeks in SL for me.
During the ANZAC long weekend, at some point, I gave in and bought a bunny. Jay had been talking to me about them and I had tried hard to resist but somehow I ended up at Soliel Snook's and bought a bunny.
It needed a friend.
I wanted to see what would happen if they mated.
Turns out they weren't due to mate for a fortnight. I didn't even know that was possible.
So I bought a second pair.
Then I discovered bargains..
Then I found out that there are common and uncommon..
By the end of the first weekend I had about 10 bunnies...
By the end of the first week I had over 30..
then 40....
then I stopped counting

Then I rented more land...
ahhh well.. and that is how it has been...

What do you know about bunnies?
Well these virtual pets come in several varieties. The varieties are released by a company called Ozimals. You buy a nest and kindle it.
Out pops a baby rabbit. It will have a certain fur shininess, certain eyes, certain floppiness of ear in the variety of breeds. Only by breeding through the new nests can you find new breeds and traits.

Audrey's Nests
However the in-world bunnies can be breed to make more bunnies and their genes refined so that the desirable traits can be stabilised, though never 'pure'.

Then I decided to be a lot more selective

Then I bought a warren hoping to breed into my gang some of the special new varieties. (Warrens are packs of bunny nests from the original source rather than the ones bred in-world)
Then there was a population explosion of very common animals indeed without a trace of anything exotic.

Slowly I sifted through the mountain of rabbit and I found some better at giving me good babies and some bad.
So far my greatest success has been with a pair of Black Havana bunnies who continue to put out silky gem eyed full lop black babies. And then today a motley pair gave me this little ripper. Radiant gem eyed (peridot) and lop. Only downside is that people are not so much into her breed. I actually prefer it, so it suits me fine!

Duchess Miles
There is a lot more to this story.. which is why I haven't blogged in such a long time and one of the bits is that I have met people and chatted and it has been such a breath of fresh air to have company once again.
The building at 1000m, as I have often said, is quite lonely. One person I have met is Spikie. She has taken me round hundreds of stalls looking at bunnies telling me about their qualities and what I should be looking for. I will blame her for my Hotots.
She also told me i should be keeping track of the breeding and give pedigree with my animals.. I do with the more significant ones and came up with this little sign....

Anyway.. enough of the rabbit stuff.. I have been.. rabbiting on?? (groan)

Meanwhile I have been on the land list in Raglan. I have long had a little shop in Heron Shire. Most of my in-world income comes from my tiny stuff but almost none of it is sold in that store. So I was watching for a store in the main sim and watched and watched. Turns out it is a waiting list arrangement there. So I got myself onto it and received an IM the other day to say that a space had come up.

I looked at the space.. it is a burrow. Bright green burrow. Nice burrow, but not exactly my colour scheme. I asked if I could build my own building like the other artisans.. but apparently the burrow is a fixture.
Well that's ok! I set to lining the inside of my burrow.

Bought a 1 prim easel to put my vendors on as the curved walls are too challenging to put things up on nicely.

I brought in a pair of bunnies to liven the place up and planted a big flower out the front and that was the end of my 100 prims :)

What do you think?

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Story so far

Land.. more land
Bunnies.. more bunnies
Tonight my first white nest was made by a pair of my white bunnies
Here we have a pure bred Holland white

A picture of me surrounded by more bunnies

Monday, May 3, 2010

Bunnies, kittens, cats

mhmmm Lovely Tzaizqan came to visit with my new bunny friends. All concerned were very comfortable with the arrangement.. He fell asleep in the water and Zombie bunny came to sit on his gorgeous face...