Sunday, February 28, 2010


Day of mopiness is over and I am onward and forward again.
Important question for self then is "what is forward?" Next question is "who is driving?" "Does there need to be a driver?" "Should I drive?"
Tricky questions..
At the moment there isn't a driver. What happens, happens without a plan. I don't know if there should be a driver and while I don't want to drive, I suspect I do need to be a bit more pro-active.
This is all probably more than anyone wants to know. This is about my whole life. not just the SL bit. But I have some goals. That at least is the beginning of driving this life of mine

RL plan: Drag the UK cat to Oz

SL plan: Earn enough to be able to buy a plot of land by the water. While the new arrangement isn't breaking my heart, I miss the water. I really, really do.

I found a plot of land in Victoriana Harbour.. it is stunningly gorgeous. But I just need to have a little breathing space from tier.

And here is something... I am a stayer. I figure I will be around people will come and go from the gorgeous places, and when I am ready .....

As well as stayer... I have a streak of naughty.... yesterday I went to brand new Caledon Pangur Ban. I think my prim might be the only one there.....

Thursday, February 25, 2010


I am sitting stunned
not sure what

I moved into Southend in 2008 when I needed somewhere to hide from the troubles I was having in Fathom. The first block was bought by my alt, Heppi Swashbuckler. But as the end days of Fathom played out, I kept my ears to the ground and heard that Wrath was selling the two blocks on the corner. One of them was originally owned by an avatar called Cogsan. Cogsan had been a fairly horrible episode in my life and so it was odd to end up with a plot of land some how connected to her.

Anyway, in a farcical moment, Heppi and I met with Des, while Rory dropped in to bother Des and Brioni came over to say "hi" ....I ran through my house between computers while the two girls swapped land holdings til it was all sorted and Auds owned the three blocks. Rory got kicked out for good, Brioni must have thought I was crazy and I dont know that Des has ever quite trusted me since!

Time passes and I have been pretty much a model citizen since.. But time has come to make some decisions and one is that it would be better to have a smaller commitment for my credit card to have to manage. A while ago Muse asked me if I was interested in selling. At that time I wasn't but it did plant a seed so the next time I heard some one was looking, I mentioned to Mr Edward that I might be able to tear a bit off my parcels.

That much achieved without too many tears, when Alastair asked me if I was willing to sell him a piece.... well I said yes before I could change my mind. He was quite kind, realising the emotional ties I have there and offered to include a small parcel of his from Southend. A drastic downsizing.
But it will save me quite a bit per month and will hopefully mean that with my little sales of houses and moppet stuff, I may actually be able to run Second life cash neutral. Which in the long term is the only way I will be able to do it.

Don't ask me how I feel about it right now though, as I may cry

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Changing times

This is something that I have been having a long debate with myself about for ages. I have too much land. I am spread too thin. It costs too much. So I am selling off the Frankston Villa block in Southend to Edward Pearse.
I am over the pangs. It is all a jumble in inventory, like so much of my memories.

Monday, February 22, 2010


Alex from Aurofil asked me to set up shop in his new development in Caravane. Seems I keep myself so busy that finding time to do that actually took a concerted effort. Anyway I managed to slip over a couple of times and have set it up. Not too much new content I am afraid, but looks fresh in its new layout :)
I have included Hobbysew kits and patterns add from the up coming AP and Q as well as a class list. For what it is worth :)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Too Much Fun- this should be illegal

I have finished
Heels puff, ankles spin, and fruit, heart and prims whirl in the Belly of the Bunneh. Cunning bunny goggles sit on my head and my bunny tail lights up all behind me!
I bought myself the sheep tiny last week, and she looks completely gorgeous in a rose dress.. but a lot more funny when dressed as a Bunneh!

Sneak Peak

While taz slumbered, I built
Now I am going to vacuum.
ho hum!
Somebody mentioned a bunneh....

Saturday, February 13, 2010


I have been busy lately in SL.
I seem to be dashing hither and thither getting vendors sorted, putting out lucky chairs, St Valentines freebies, and getting the vendors finally ready for the two new houses.. St Albans and Tiny St Albans.

Tiny St Albans Vendor

I have made a pile of quick furnishings to set them up for photos. But it all takes time. Chews it up so fast it is crazy actually.

Victoriana has gone from a tiny friendly place with a tiny corner set aside in Victoriana square, to having one whole tiny sim! As a result, one of my jobs was to furnish the new store I have there right next to the arrival point.

The Maxi-St Albans. It includes the lovely deck that steps down to sea level

That seemed like a good reason to get organised, so i have sorted all the tiny clothes into categories and loaded vendors in a less haphazard way. The I took down the old store. I have to swap titles between "Audacious" to "Tiny Storekeeper" to "tiny artisan" as I flit between my three homes and not once but twice I have had the entire contents of a store land back in my inventory!
Anyway, I am done for tonight.
It is 1am and time for me to sleep
Good night blog readers !

The freebie set out at Tinytoriana

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

close up.....

Building a Kitchen for a Cat

Building a kitchen for a cat

Taz asks.... why?
Answer.. because I can....

I have shrunk Saint Albans down to tiny size And then shrunk the St Albans kitchen Then added more...

and more....

Here is a picture showing my screen as it appears when I am building....

Monday, February 8, 2010

More sewing For Kitty

I have altered the dress.. and now making pumps with a bit of a heel. means working with invisi prims which hide the avatar but not other prims

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Inspired by

Big Audrey had fun with dress ups.. so, inspired, we made Lidl Audz some in the style too.

I have called her Paloma Moppet

Monday, February 1, 2010

Night of drama

In Caledon over the last 24 hours or so there has been uproar. There is a thing called Avatars unlimited which is essentially a Facebook styled thing. Problem is that the owners have not required the preservation of name rights for the people who already have used them as individuals, businesses or places. So any, and all tom dick and harry can choose to call themselves Audrey Fotherington.
Doesn't matter to small fry like me, but matters to bigger fish. Especially when there are people who want to fry those fish.

Anyway, there is only one thing to do when there is so much drama.... go dress shopping. I dropped into Bare Rose for the first time in close to a year I would guess.

And Stumbled around and ended up somewhere else buying hair.....