Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Another Chapter

I am not often seen in SL however the news of this year needs to be at least recognised in my SL space as that is where it was born.

A long, long time ago I met Taz in SL. When I first joined SL, it never occurred to me that it would be a profound catalyst. At the time I was lonely and broken hearted and basically hiding.

I don't think I quite appreciated how empty my life had been until suddenly, without looking or asking for it, it was full. Full of Taz.

These days I call him Mark and Audrey hardly hears her name spoken anymore. 

I pop into SL now and then and feel the loss of something so special. It is so full of memories. Possibly the happiest and hardest days were passed there in 2008. Such a long time ago. I miss the friends I made. I miss the laughter.

It is the community of people that I crave and long to belong to, but I don't have time to give what a friend must give to support that community.
However what I have now in real life is wonderful. I am a better mum and a better partner.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

As seen on A House is Built...

Yes, I am playing in SL once more.
And after spending a little while unpacking my house and garden, today I did just a little value adding to my building !

While home with a very hideous cold, I have been stretching my graphics-muscles and seeing if I can remember all the things that used to be second nature.
Today's goal was to put new windows into the bedroom. The old ones were for a crowded street where the view was nothing much, so I allowed for them to be opaque. I have replaced those windows and changed the cornices and colour and tadah.. prettier bedroom :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


So I notice that Brisbane has googled me to find the blog, then Brisbane and Niceville have a little Audrey/Cathy browsing, in sync. I hope Brisbane is happy and that Niceville being well cared for. 


Subtle influences.. here is my daughter attending her year 10 formal... who would have thought SL would seep through the generations?

(Can you tell I am hankering a return to my SL?)

Welcoming 2013

 I am welcoming 2013 with so much optimism!

My last post for Audslife was just before having to send Tzaizqan back to his home. And here I am again, getting ready to send him home once more. In itself, it could be a very sad thing, but I am bursting with optimism. We partnered in SL over 4 years ago now and while it is taking a very long time, we know where we are going and are delighted :)
Sitting on the deck at Bermagui enjoying... everything

Australia shining to entice Tzaizqan to stay

Clearly, he is looking as content as I am with ....lunch

Surviving the 'ordeal by clan meals' on the bay in Narooma