Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A blogging fo Jo.. building in SL

Jo hasn't been in SL, though she reads this blog apparently. She was a little impatient today as she said there was nothing new. She also wanted me to explain how the water works in Steelhead.
Well I don't think I have a satisfactory answer for the waters of Steelhead but I thought I would just offer a glimpse of the way SL is assembled.
(Waves at Jo... Hi Jo!)
Everything in SL is made by the people in it. There is no great god of SL that plonks the buildings, trees and shapes the earth in it. The Lindens keep the power turned on, but we decorate the landscape.
Everything in sl is made from a prim
Behold! The humble prim!
A prim can be manipulated. It can be three basic shapes as shown next or the intriguing ring shape called a torus or the baffling sculptured prim. These basic shapes can be manipulated with twists and tapers and dimples. Making these distortions then reflect what it is you are wanting to reproduce is the challenge and fun of it!

Every prim rezzed begins as plain wood coloured. A pattern can then be placed on them with a texture and the texture can be tinted with a colour.
Different faces of the object can be textured with different textures.

At the moment I am building a castle. I have a brown castle texture that I used for Castle Shapinsay but it wasn't fun building two so much the same so I went to TRU and bought a new castle set.
I have tried a few wall papers inside and I am not happy so it looks like I am off to TRU to find something extra.
Jo... in sl.. you can make your own textures and upload them for a couple of cents or you can go to a business in sl and buy them. Soemtimes you can even find them set out as freebies.
First photo is from outside.

Next shows with the draw bridge shut.
And then through the front door with a little Audrey within.
Jo, the doors open and shut by placing a command (script/program) inside the appropriate prim. That's how the actions in sl are achieved.
A simple rotation script looks like...

But the door script had about 200 lines in it.
There's so much fun to be had tinkering with colour shape and movement in SL building...
you can just play dress ups...
Definitely girl next door, Jo....see? freckles.. piggy tails...

Jo also has a notion that I am some kind of femme fatale.....but I swear not!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Flooding at Steelhead

I arrived in world to hear cries of calamity.
Steelhead was awash.

The seas flooded in and crashing on our door steps. Nature unsettled, things washed ashore and others set adrift!

Kind Tensia lent me a boat to sail.

It sank though, then vanished before I had nearly enough fun!

Thank goodness I have built the lighthouse high on rocks, only the cushions on my outdoors chair were ensoggened.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Blogs Blogs and more blogs

I was having a little wander through the blogs of Caledon and followed a link from Otenth's
The author has attempted a definitive list of active SL blogs. Nice try but I suspect doomed, judging by the waving hands in the air in the comments to his blog. Nice to see though AudSLife got caught, even if it was way towards the bottom in ranking.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Pulse and Skin Shopping

Today I went to see how the 50% off sale was going at Pulse.
I bought a new skin. Its one of those things... maybe I would be kicking myself later if I didn't?
Well I did buy a new one, and now I am looking at three skins, and thinking that really, i still feel at home in the older one!
Original Auds

Potentially new Auds

Potentially Paler Auds

Friday, March 20, 2009

Audz Mubble

Last year, for a day, Wil decided I had to be a tiny. Audz Mubble was born. I can't remember what kind of creature I was supposed to be, but I looked like a rat to me! Wil has moved on so too has Little Audz now as today we went shopping!

Little Audz Mubble has been reborn as a lamb!

Most hilarious! If you touch me, I bahhhhhhh!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Teaching Taz to Build

Tzaizqan has mentioned a few times that he would like to start building but time in SL can seem to run through your fingers like sand grains. It seems that getting him started just drifted. Finally though he decided that he wanted to build a phone booth. Great! here was an objective. An object actually. Much more fun to aim towards than just "lets rez a cube, shall we?".
An ozzie phone booth is about as attractive as a 1970s shower cubicle. What we wanted to build was a traditional Pommy red Phone booth, so it required a brief time in google images and then I had a mental map of what he wanted to build.
Next was the job of figuring what prims and textures would combine to best represent this. So off we went. Taz rezzing, me nudging. Really very little nudging was required. Intuitive builder, he is. When he saw what I meant and was shown a couple of short cuts... off he went.
There now stands a vintage, if not quite Victorian public phone booth in Caledon Southend.
We are now looking for the next project for the tiger to sink his teeth into :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Meaningless Drivell

"lah lahl alah lah" she sings and skips around sl, aimlessly.
ok.. seems to be happy days in SL. After months and months and months of medium to high level drama, I am wandering around doing serious stuff like trying on hair demos, playing in photo booths and attending games in Raglan Shire.

It seemed that just as my rl was letting go of me for the day, the rest of SL headed off to bed or work. So vastly unfair sometimes how the Ozzies are abandoned in our evenings.
So I was left to wander SL on my own for a while.

During the day, Fogwoman had sent a message that there was a free photographic studio in Oxbridge Village. I popped over to have a look and played briefly on the pose stand. You get to choose poses and backgrounds. I played quite briefly then got distracted by my hair and wondered if Wunderlich's had any new styles that might suit.
(I told you this would be meaningless, you were warned...)
If you are interested here is the SURL
And then the picture I took....
Just as I returned home from hair experimentation at Wunderlich's, who should appear but Cheeseweasel. The two of us settled to the business of building and scripting.

After a little while I bothered Mr Pearse with questions about selling land and he suggested I join him at Raglan Shire to play Primtionary.
Raglan Shire is the home of tiny-ness. It is a lovely place, full of lovely people as far as I can tell. Before settling into the fun, I made a quick change into Little Auds.
The theme was St Patricks day.
There is a person building. They are given a secret word by the host and have 10 minutes to build it and have the audience guess. Tonight's audience were premier guessers. Some one guessed 'rainbow' correctly from a flattened cube of untextured prim....
When you guess correctly, you take the next turn as builder.

I guessed correctly very shortly after arriving and was very embarrassed.. having no idea what I was doing or how hard it might be, I opted for an easy one. I got given the word 'gold' to build. Too easy!!
It was guessed as soon as I put a colour on it.

My second winning guess saw the crowd urge for evil.. the hardest words to build.
The word "jig" Cripes!
I called on the brains trust (ie one of the kids) and was advised to build a jig saw. Seemed easier than other options though was harder to reproduce than I have anticipated. The crowd however was as brilliant as ever and quickly got the point of my oddly shaped, nearly fitting prims.
Well... that was fun and I thank Mr Edward for his brilliant suggestion. I need some one to nudge me next Tuesday so I get along to another one!

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Just thought I would throw in a SLURL so you can visit Reghan's shop in its new location
Happy shopping!
Oh.. check out the Steampunk hats!!

The cogs turn...so cute!
I am in love.. again... am I so frightfully shallow?