Wednesday, January 16, 2013


So I notice that Brisbane has googled me to find the blog, then Brisbane and Niceville have a little Audrey/Cathy browsing, in sync. I hope Brisbane is happy and that Niceville being well cared for. 


Subtle influences.. here is my daughter attending her year 10 formal... who would have thought SL would seep through the generations?

(Can you tell I am hankering a return to my SL?)

Welcoming 2013

 I am welcoming 2013 with so much optimism!

My last post for Audslife was just before having to send Tzaizqan back to his home. And here I am again, getting ready to send him home once more. In itself, it could be a very sad thing, but I am bursting with optimism. We partnered in SL over 4 years ago now and while it is taking a very long time, we know where we are going and are delighted :)
Sitting on the deck at Bermagui enjoying... everything

Australia shining to entice Tzaizqan to stay

Clearly, he is looking as content as I am with ....lunch

Surviving the 'ordeal by clan meals' on the bay in Narooma