Thursday, August 27, 2009

Land, Prims, Southend and Twaddle

I am a forward thinking Victorian and have built a futuristic home and placed it into Caledon Southend! I showed a few photos of the making of this house some months back but building stalled quite a bit while I played with tiny dresses.
When I sold the railway station plot in Southend to Garnet Psaltry, I had to trim prims. One thing that had to be packed up was the building ledge where the Edwardian was perched.
For the uninitiated- when you own land in SL you have a set
number of prims to the area that you own or rent. That is why economically built items are attractive as a concept for they allow you to have more detail in your environment.

By selling one of my plots I was reducing the number of prims I could have placed out on my virtual land. I can keep what I don't have out on display on file or "inventory" but really the reason I own land in SL is because I like to decorate a little bit of the virtual world to my taste.

So I packed up the railway station with regret and The Edwardian. Honestly, getting that turret room sorted was such a brain drain I needed a bit of a break!
I cant believe how many months have passed since then!
For a while, it seemed like too much bother to find the prim allowance to get it back out again. Finally though I had overdosed on tiny and got back to the house. Wow it was so refreshing to lugging big prims around again.

I made some new textures to get what I wanted. Notably the front and back doors. I need to get into my sculpty thing and make some terracotta finials too.

Ti's done-ish now. In place. A few sticks of furniture scattered. I am pleased :)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I choose books in an unorthodox way. I hate knowing what will happen in a story so I pick a book based on a weird bunch of criteria and then leave it to serendipity. It is a blend of known authors, price of book, what prizes it may have won, pretty cover. Pretty silly way, but I love reading. I even enjoy reading the occasional bad book as it lets me sink my teeth in.
So the other day I chose a book with a pretty cover called Petite Anglaise. A complete fluke, I picked up a book about a young mother who's life is overturned by discovering another life for herself on line.
real life Catherine Sanderson begins a blog and ends up meeting a fellow on line. The story follows the journey that this takes her on.
I am reading the book and I am torn between compassion, discomfort, curiosity and more besides.
I have found it startling to find how much I have in common with her and wonder then at how the internet is reshaping all our lives if something so modern is creating such strong parallels in the lives of complete strangers.
In the end I broke my rule and I looked her up in google and wiki and now I know how the story will go. Things do not go so well for her after a while.
I am hoping that my experience is better than hers.

A strong difference between her blogging and my own is that she used her everyday to write a little drama. Editing her days to make better reading. I haven't been able to do that and more often than not I have tried to edit out the drama. Often leaving out the very most important events of my sl while covering the minor ones in greatest detail.
She relishes in the thousands of people who read her blog. Me? I shake my head because I don't know why I write this.

PS if you want to know a good book, go find the Book Thief. It is a "head and shoulders over the rest" book

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Building Blitz: gates of heaven and hell

The theme is the gates of Heaven and Hell.
My build has both and you get to collect you accessories at the gate. Little Auds has her wings and halo on :)
I am sitting on my finished gate waiting to hear who won....

4th place... in the end. Gid won with his Monday is hell, friday is heaven build :)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I have just added a new banner to AudSlife. A path for the journey.

Waving 'hi'

I got it into my head that I should put a picture with the last blog. Waving hi to my blog visitors. So I spent 8 minutes waving madly in Southend, trying to capture it in a photo.
There was one issue to begin with. By the time I pressed "wave" on the HUD and then ran the mouse to snapshot, the wave was done. So I shuffled my windows around to get my camera box next to the hud.
Now you can see that when I wave, the sleeves of my dress don't.
This is how it is possible to waste a lifetime of time in SL!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Burning Curiosity

On the side bar of this blog there is a map and there is a list of places that people have come from to visit the blog.
I check this list as often as I look for comments on the bloggings.
It is a funny thing. I write the blog for me. But it is in a public place and others can, and seem to read it.
I am intrigued that there are people who come here by accident, others on purpose, some regularly and some after putting in some words to a google search.
I wish I could sit and wave to each of you that wanders through

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ashes Part 2

With a little bit of a fiddle to make a fit, we have a tiger dressed for the ashes....

Saturday, August 8, 2009


The cricket is on.. close series.
2 draws, one win to England, 2 games to go and a fairly unimpressive game so far.
Moppets got interested for the first time ever. By the end of it we might even know who is on which team.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

More lunatic

Today I caught Building Blitz again!
Theme.. historic events..
thinking moon already...
so I proceed to build moon history.. only to find that about 8-10 out of 16 did the same.
None had a kitty astronaut though....

I suffered from a lot of texture lag. And was getting quite frantic. I couldn't load anything from inventory so in the end I had to texture exclusively from what i could make and from blank that had been coloured. I struggled with a US Flag. It was on in the wrong orientation and everytime I tried to fix it, lag returned it 'til eventually I couldn't remember which way was up. To then get IMed that it was wrong had me ready to dig my claws in.
So I claimed the moon for the Cat Empire


Hah! Have you ever wondered why I have the moon in the side bar of my blog? It is because I am totally convinced that there is a correlation between the moon and people's behavior.

Not in an astrology way, but some gravitational weird science way that I don't understand. All I know for sure that in my day-to-day life, amongst the predominantly female company that my life is spent in, things get rough, bumpy, weird, crazy, upsetting at particular times. And if I stop and think "hey, this seems excessive, what's going on", well I can expect to find a full moon outside my window.

SL has also given me the same moment to stop and reflect about the moon and I am eye-ing it anxiously now as we approach a full one!
I want you all to sit down, stay calm and behave yourselves. We will survive it, the full moon will pass.