Thursday, August 28, 2008

Building Finished

The job at Babbage is done.
I installed the front door, which meant I had to make a texture for the fan light.
The installed a back door and a few more wall panels. To match the existing house, I had to get Serafina to rez me a spare house for parts :)
A back door was very important.. it was just wrong that until then Serafina couldn't enjoy her view from inside the house. While installing the doors, Nix sands sent me a tartan Caledon skin....
Tadah... me in Caledon skin and standing next to the TP I just installed!

And while trying it on, I accidentally hit the doors that hadn't been linked.
So complete with tartan skin, I could be seen searching the sim far and wide trying to find the doors :)
They were eventually found however and the scripts and all fixed to have them opening right last time I saw them.....

It was fun.

I think it was well received... and now I have nothing to do so I am fishing. Fishing is not as interesting to me as some other activities.. so I am blogging too!
But really .. I spent so many late night building this i am too tired to even proof read this blog... tomorrow and tomorrow....

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Babbage Canals-A Building Project

I was was rebuilding my house at Fathom the other day to get rid of the hollowed out cube thing that messes up cameras when I noticed an arrow above me. I tried really hard not to go and investigate, but failed.
I found Serafina looking around my little sky village. Her mission was to see if I was interested on a building job. She has a block of land at Babbage canals and has placed a very interesting building upon it. The job is to finish the house by putting one or two doors in it and a floor into the tower to make it a bit more useful as a dwelling. Also Serafina would like to have a deck leading to the water where in the future she would like to more a boat.
Would I be interested?
Naturally :)
Take a look at Babbage.

It is a wonderful sim. I am going to want to like there myself after this. My only reluctance is the lack of grass and trees in the urban landscape... but it is true to its theme that way.

There are some absolutely wonderful buildings there so I have to admit to being a bit intimidated.

However with me, that would never be enough to stop me from having a shot at it. So far I have had a bit of a play. I have built the wharf part first as I don't need building permissions from Serafina to do that part. I have learnt to get textures from SL, take them to my computer in and then do things with them. I have found a port hole and added it to the rock texture. Also, beneath the water there are arches. The docks face onto an underwater sim, so it seems sensible to give Miss serafina the option of an underwater presence. That meant finding an image of a rock arch.. cutting it out of its home picture, placing it over the rock texture again and then removing the rock from under the arch to make it clear.
So far so good. I am getting things sorted now for a deck to lead out onto the terrace. Then I do the house makeover.
Happy days

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Haiku Building

...a shot of me on the jetty of the competiton build, cunningly pushed into an existing waterfall!

The other day Corcosman told me that instead of the speed build, they were planning to have a 24 hour hour haiku build. 24 hours/24 prims.

As the competition was to be held on a Sunday that I was going to be working I knew it was going to be a race against the clock for me. It didnt seem too hard though as I am very accustomed to throwing a lot more than 24 prims around in shorter periods of time :)

Fortunately it was possible to pick a platform before the event. I knew I was going to miss the beginning as I was going to be at work.. and then just a few hours before it was time to sleep and then work again. A small window of time!

I got home from work on Sunday evening to read the Haiku we were building from....

Further up stream
some children very busy
paper boats pass by

My real life is about children, but not my sl so my sl build was one of the few that didn't read the children into the scene. I read that the children were upstream and soI waited downstream watching the pieces of their lives float past.

I do not consider myself an artist. And certainly incapable of abstract, so I built a tableau.

It was so much fun!

I typed the haiku out, printed it, folded it into a sailing boat, photographed it, edited out the background and popped it into the stream of animated water texture.

I found some images of reeds and removed the scene from behind it. Got some rock sculpt maps, added a pose to the jetty I built and tadah!

I took most these photos at Brigadoon and jammed the 5 x 5 build against the waterfall to make it look a bit more natural. But take a look at the last photo which shows the platform in place at the competition site....

I have won second place !!
Never expected that at all :)

Behind me in this last picture, you can see Corcosman's entry with the shifting yellow wall. Such a great idea in the visually noisey environment.

The Haiku was

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Today I installed the 7 Seas fishing gear.
So Will, Xavier and I settled in to fish. I now have an inventory full of fish and fishing gear.

Will was last seen floating on an inner tube developing a theory.

If you happen to be in Winterfell, feel free to sit on the dock at Fathom and fish.

Friday, August 15, 2008

When I was about 10 at school they taught us a song and fragments have been in my memory ever since. Enough to give me a 'thing' for caravans. It never conjured up the pulled-by-car -aluminium versions. Always a gypsy caravan.
Added to that was Will's approaching birthday which, because I had accidentally had to reveal the bridge early, had no surprises left.....
So I built a caravan.
As always, I had a lot of fun building it. I made a couple of textures and bought one and used a few existing ones. I didn't get it finished on time. Too late when I started it. And to tell l the truth, the doors were a complete pain. Was it SL or me doing something? I don't know... but the result was that the doors kept leaping away from their right place. I cant tell you how many times I have put them back. Then the whole thing went phantom just when I thought it was all sorted.....
Anyway, today it is behaving itself. And I will check it and if it is a good little caravan, I might try to get it up on Slexchange.

I hunted down the song today. Um. I will survive another 30 years without it.
But for the record, here are the words:

Mike Batt
Caravan Song

The early light is breaking
The morning sun is waiting in the sky
And I think I'm gonna break away
And follow where the birds of freedom fly
I need to give
I need to live
For the world is slowly turning
And the light of love are burning
In my eyes

Oh, my soul is on the run
I am flying
Moving out into the sun
Oh, I don't know where I'm going
But I'm going

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Bridge Building

The space between Wil's sim and mine has had a bridge arrive and disappear forever since I arrived.
Will saw a bridge that he rather liked and he would have bought it except that I moaned that I wouldn't have the fun of building it. Obliging fellow said I could build one like it. Well... it is like in the sense that it is a bridge.
Hope he doesn't mind...
From his end it looks like this:

Sunday, August 3, 2008

I am a good girl... really!

I trotted around happy as a lark in my steampunk coat but a chance remark has sent me bustling back into my conservative garb!
Apparently I am dressed as a 'screamer'. Hmmmm Well that is something not open for public conjecture in my opinion, so I have put away the swooshy hair and donned an Edwardian outfit, and am looking as prim and proper as a girl can.
One thing though... I will be wearing my "loud" outfit again! So if you think it says something about me, you'll have to be reminded that you can't judge a book by its cover. I am not as good or as bad as I look !!!!
For the shoppers: The dress and hair are from Wunderlicks. Non-prim skirt, which I prefer as I have a problem with the fall-through effect of prim skirts

Friday, August 1, 2008

Good Evening Comrade

Went to a sim I haven't explored before today. SOL Solution Island and the store is called Mechanical Toy Factory.

Simply put... great place... great stuff. I am running out of money, but I couldn't resist purchasing this out fit of steampunk leather.

For the truly shopping crazies.. my hair is *DH*Linnea - Nutty Brown from Diversity Hair.

Cathedral of Angels and Demons

We have built and fiddled some more.

It is nice to see that it is possible to build happily with someone. To suggest that something needs fixing, leave it with them and return to see it better than you imagined.... something rare, I think.
That's what happened when I told Will the spires needed to come in closer to the building and be taller. I went off to RL and returned to see it vastly improved. He saw immediately what I meant and other things I was going to ask him to fix, he had already noticed and done.
Then I came back and worked on the columns inside which he suggested should be twisted and have short bases.

We are not quite done yet, but it may stay like this for a while yet while we are distracted with other projects.