Friday, February 4, 2011

What is Blog

How long have I been blogging?
I think this one began in 2007.
Yesterday a work colleague gave me some lip as she was to prepare a blog item for the enterprise. She insisted a blog entry has to be 250 words and include a photo.
That's what a blog "is"
Well epic fail to me!

(I am amused that Blogspot's spell check doesn't recognize any word that includes the base "blog" or even the word blog itself!)

Pippa Moppet

Each week I put up a Moppet item for the Swagtastic weekends in Raglan. This week it is Pippa Moppet.

I have lately been astounded at the way time has been passing by.. The Swagtastic weekends have been going on for months and I haven't had to repeat anything yet (Though there have been some weeks I simply didnt get in world on time and long enough to put up a new one)
Anyway, if you are wandering around Raglan, drop into my store as there will usually be a new 50L offering available each week