Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Library

The Castle is finished now.
It's listed on SLexchange and I guess soon I will pack it up to give me prims again in Southend.

I added some suits of armour to the front entrance and furnished the library too.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Castle March

I am nearly done! I was sighing with happiness before, now some more photos of the doings and decos of the castle. I have one last thing to make. I want to make a comfy chair for the secret library.

The Great Hall
Complete with a new fireplace, a trophy and candles, scattered rugs and new 4 pose sofas.

The Staircase
To the landing with Indian themed paintings and featuring the freebie lamp I have given away hundreds of on SLExchange.

The Master Bedroom
The bed is from Steelhead and if I was at home now, instead of dancing at Oxbridge I would insert the name of the builder here.

Guest Room
Bed and a bay window in one of the castle's turrets.

The Lounge
Another bay window and from here if you knew where to look, you would see the entrance to the secret room.

The Bathroom
I love the buckets......simple things make me happy :)

The Landing
I enjoyed this a lot. Now.. let me go build that arm chair....

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Furnishing a Castle

Happy sighs of business.
When I might spend a night in a blue funk, instead I start to throw prims around and cheer myself up. I am a frightfully shallow person, so easily distracted!
Tonight I spent some time trying to decorate the castle to take photos for its Slexchange listing. That means I need furniture. That means building some and modding some.
And tadah!
A room full of fun for me at least!
I had to run down stairs and do some deleting though as I was down to... 7 prims... ouch!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Station

A little while ago, Grandma Bates asked if I would like to build with her. Of course!
She has a couple of ideas and one was for a post office. I liked that idea and as I searched Google Images, I came across some pictures of Australian post offices and railway stations.
And so off we go :)

I have been building the structure and today Grandma came and brainstormed some of the scripted fun things we can add... like a fan, cigars smoking, letters fluttering in the wind...lots of fun to come.

Today I spent time making a couple of textures. The ticket windows and the new door are my favourites.

I still need some windows for my walls... but that's fine I need something for tomorrow's fun :)

Friday, April 3, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt

You know what?
I hate treasure hunts. Once when I was little, the Easter bunny left eggs in our back yard and I looked for weeks.. months.... and I couldn't be convinced by anyone that all the eggs had been collected. How could you be sure? How could anyone really know how many eggs the Easter Bunny left?

Add to this the fact that my brain seems to work on some different wave length to your average treasure hider.. because I find it impossibly hard to find anything before my brain seizes and forces me to retreat before I become abusive in mixed company.

So when lovely Star Fairymeadow announced to me that she had hidden an Easter egg in her shop, I heaved the saddest of sighs. I hate to disappoint Star as she is one of SL's sweetest people. And I would absolutely love to win one of her dresses. But Star, I type, I hate treasure hunts.... Star tells me that it is easy to find. More sighing. Then I get a call form RL. I tell Star I will write it down and come back. Fully planning to be saved from the treasure hunt for good ;)

Problem is that Star's dresses are too nice. And I couldn't resist... and I did go hunt.. and it was easy.. and now I am dressed in .... .... ...Pink!

The hunt started elsewhere, but if you want to pick it up at Stars, here is the SURL
Thanks Star!