Friday, July 31, 2009


I got tired of pirates.. now I am enjoying fairies... omg.. these are too cute....
I could say more..

but I am off to work in a couple of minutes and I am about to have a very hectic week so who knows when I will have time to blog anything much

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Forgetting who I am

Part 2
A few times in life I have arrived at a chance to reinvent myself. Fix things that I didn't like and start in a new place.
Changing schools when I was young, moving house and cities and jobs when I was older.
Sometimes I don't think I changed very much at all. And later felt a bit of disappointment that an opportunity had been missed.
Essentially when I was younger I was a lot more conservative.
And so I arrive in SL, a bit older, a little less conservative. It has been a chance to investigate other 'me's.
So the questions are..
Who am I really?
Who do I want to be?
Am I loosing me or finding me?
I am personally very fond of Audrey. I like her a lot. I prefer her. But it isn't nearly so easy being her. It has brought a sizable quantity of issues within and out of sl.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Cutea Benelli

I have been enjoying having long legs beneath me again and today I have been strutting around in my super high heels. I even went so far as to add a few inches to my legs. Last count I was 6'9... before heels...
I got a call to NCI beach side to join in with the dancing. It was a lot of fun and so nice to be greeted. I have found it a bit lonesome lately in Caledon. Mr Cheeeeky set Theo and Caill and I all dancing to Thriller which was particularly funny as Theo was a cat-tailed sack of flour :)

I walked back into world in time to hear Caledon talking about Cutea. I mentioned how much I had enjoyed the Shamrock green outfit she made which I wore and wore and wore.
Next thing I know, she has sent me another to add to the wardrobe. I immediately popped it on and strutted about admiring it. I sent back to Cutea one of the Moppet outfits. Coco as she is one of my favourites.
Very nice!
I have taken a couple of photos of me walking around the Moppet shop then went inside to sit down and do some moppet stuff
When I sat down on my sofa, out from under the voluminous skirts pops gorgeous shoes!

Whit Woo!
(aka wolf whistle)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Forgetting who I am

This title really says a lot lot more than I have time to write about. I am heading out into RL in a short time so i will just leave the heading there as a teaser.. something I might write more about later. For the time being, I will say briefly.... I have spent a lot of time lately as a tiny, building manically... and I have had little social interaction at all. It has been not such a great time for sl and me. Last night I hopped into big Auds, chatted with Cheeseweasel and Xavier. Today I went shopping and bought a very Audrey outfit.

Now I am feeling a bit more like myself Hah!! The outfit is by *KC*. There is a store near Raglan as a matter of fact and I stumbled in there quite by accident, discovering a shop I had often been to but only by TPing in and out and never by wandering in via the front door.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Relay For Life

Relay for Life is something that is a relatively big thing in Second Life. Not sure about across the whole grid, as I seldom venture far from Caledon, but certainly it is a big thing in the circles that I move in. It is a massive effort thrown behind fund raising for Cancer and also raising awareness. First there is fund raising within certain groups. Caledon has vendors selling donated goods. In previous years there were also a lot of functions. Then there are the sims built to for the actual relay. A place full of wonderful visions within SL to honour the families affected by cancer. There are lots of vendors set up here too to raise money. Then there is the relay itself with avatars trekking the course.
Last year the money seemed to have the major focus. This year was a lower key affair due to the whole economic thing.
I have not had a lot to do with it. Not by design. I started out with good intentions, knowing that later I might find it more difficult to do much.
At the beginning there was a call out for donations. I set to and built a
summer house just for the occasion. To be put in a vendor and sold with funds to go to the cause. For reasons I have no insight into, my summer house never saw the light of day. No idea why. Too embarrassed to ask.

But, it's not about egos but about cancer.
At the moment my uncle is dying from it. Horrible to say, but he has been dying for a year now. We thought it would be any day now, and it may, but last I heard he seemed to be rallying. Such a cruel thing, this disease. So I walked some of the Relay track, and I lit a couple of candles for him.

It happened that the where I found an unlit lamp was just outside a place Wrath had been building for the relay. I took a few photos.. but had my huds and stuff in the photos which was a stupid oversight and not worth putting those picks up Hopefully a lesson learnt! Above shows one of the lamps I lit and below Wrath's build. I met up with Mr Whybrow and Miss Garnet there and had a bit of a chat. I could see that some where high above me, Mr Wrath was sitting amongst his creations :)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Seling Pirate Dresses

I am happy as a clam. The pirate month for Raglan has arrived and I have had a lovely time building pirate wench outfits. We are allowed to have 5 prims worth of sales in the cave in Raglan.. so I made 5 dresses.. naturally. Now I have finished the 6th so it is time to scratch my head :)
Is it time to master vendor boards. I think yes, but I have always been a complete coward about this.
A little excitement!
Instead of me just being excited that I am making things, there is a little excitement because people are buying things too!
Teal Freenote bought one of my dresses AND!
She appears in it in the pirate poster that is around Raglan. She coloured it from the emerald of Esmerelda to blue... teal? :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dream T Flyer

I am spending more and more time around Raglan. And as I mentioned they are about to have a month of Pirate fun. Part of it will be a treasure hunt and Rizzo was looking for treasure to put in the hidden chests. Not sure if what I am coming up with is treasure, but I have been building :) Ages and ages and ages ago, I went to a building class in raglan. The only one I ever did there and it was how to make a skidoo. So making the Dream T was just really about decorating that build from long ago. Trick was...only 32 prims allowed before it refused to fly. Naturally I found that out after I had added a lot more than 32 prims to the three prim-scooter I started with.

*rolls eyes and sighs*

But of course I loved building it!
And had a little help by way of a tiger skin steering wheel! Thanks taz, how would I manage without you?

Flies like a little beaut too though it wont go very high.

No nosebleeds for the kitty.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Raglan is gearing up for some pirating times!
Find your pirate name!
I have been making pirate wench costumes and needed some pirating names. Audrey Fotherington becomes "Black Lizzie" so that is one of the sets name now:)

Besides the usual dress obsessing, i have been doing a bit of real estate wrangling. Mr Alastair brought it to my attention that Miss Garnet Psaltery might be interested in some land in Southend.
It has been worrying me for a while that my land hunger was starting to add up to a reasonable sized bill, and the house sales I was having a while back have dropped off once more.
So it seemed like a good idea to let Miss Psaltery have a little slice of Southend.

Things happen so swiftly.

In no time at all, the railway station was packed up, gone for the foreseeable future. A shame in a way, but that is the mercurial quality of content in SL.
And this time the dismantling of one of my homes was not nearly as distressing as the last, when I had to leave Winterfell. It was very nice to be part of a happy story!
Welcome Miss Garnet!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Competioning again

Ahhh it has been a long time since I had a weekend off work. But I am on holidays! So I have been able to go to both the Building Blitz and the Oldies Show and Tell at NCI Caledon.
On Sunday I got to Building Blitz.. the theme was Blizzard. Not really something an urban ozzie has a lot of experience I pulled the word apart, put it together again... There were some lovely builds there.. I loved what won, which was a snow dome. And I came third! Nice! I guess because it was a bit silly rather than a wonderful build.
What do you get when Ms Lizard and Mr Bee get together and have babies?
Then today I happened to catch show and tell. I have sort of lost track of when things are on as I haven't had a chance to get to any of my old usuals... so it was a bit of a fluke. I wasn't sure if the lag in Caledon's Oxbridge was going to let me get dressed into the steampunk out fit or not, so I just stayed in my new Daisy gear. Complete with 96 prim shoes!
I told as much as I showed... no surprise there I guess! I told them how I am enjoying building clothes as I don't have to worry about the prim count.
If I am working some where and the available prims are low, depending on what i am doing, I chose to wear the prims rather than build them on the ground and then wear them after it is all said and done. The shoes I did a little both ways. It is a real nuisance to make a pair of shoes that fit perfectly when not worn, then not quite being able to find exactly the right rotation etc to get them to fit once they are worn. That bothers me a lot.
But as well, when I build a house, I can't always put it out on show as I would have to pull down one of the others. Dress building I get to wear the newest creation and naturally when it is time for something new, I am happy to take off the old :) Tiny Auds, who originally was the poor sister to big Auds in the wardrobe department, is swiftly building a large collection of frocks.
There were some really good builds at show and tell. The ranking though always leaves me a little.. distressed and this time not on my account. I came.....

Third! Again!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Mary Moppet- a pesky wench

Mary Moppet insisted on a hat. I played with hats all afternoon. Finished it. Photographed it. Put it in in-world vendors. Cooked dinner. Returned to hear the wretch say that it wasn't good enough and would I mind replacing cylinders with toruses.
So I have spent the evening doing something that seems much like something I have already done! Making a hat, photographing it and putting it into vendors !

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

and listens to



Tonight I was making a dress and hunting for a name ... I sent off a request for naming help and the only voice responding was Alastair's. He suggested that I should go Jane Austin and he has a "thing" for Mary. The almost the most annoying of the Bennet sisters with the exception of Lydia, but to each his own! he added that Mary needs specz.... so that gave me a little extra to do for the evening...

And so for a few hours, a cross eyed cat staring at tiny prims in Tanglewood could be seen :)
Here is Mary Moppet