Thursday, May 22, 2008


Some days in SL are hilarious and others less so. Yesterday was hilarious and I particularly enjoyed chatting with Slipperfetcher Voom for whom I made a hand bell and a peacock feather fan!
He has found himself in the role of manservant to the widows of Caledon. Lovely fellow it seems. He swept out the pavilion, scrubbed the floor as well as dusted the sills of the belfry.

Today was less exciting so I have busied myself with various distractions. I was going to put an animation in the bath I have installed but couldn't make up my mind... so instead I went and bought a dress for my tiny. It matches the one that I often wear.

After that I made a coffee machine. chatted with Xavier, visited NCI, hunted for textures and finally went and bought chairs from Tryst.

yes I could make them.... but the poses..Nice poses that I cant do. And I don't know why, but the poses that worked in my chairs the other day are starting to break down. :(( So I am lashing out hoping that i will have safe chairs for my guests.
Anyway! I have new chairs and I like them. And I always enjoy and excuse to go hunting at Tryst anyway.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The New Home

The new home is in place!
I have to admit that having put the small cottage there from my building at Saint Kitt, I was reluctant to build another house. The little cottage was so sweet. And its big bay window let me sit looking out to the sea and sunset in the most pretty surrounds.
To avoid getting stuck into the new home, I wasted time building a rooster. 32 prims of rooster! Then of course I could start building the house..... or... build a hen! 35 prims of hen!

I guess I could have gone on and built a farm yard of animals except I received a note card from my neighbour, Eleanor saying that she expected to see a finished house on her return to Laudanum on Sunday.
So I had to get stuck into it!
Luckily for me there has been some kind of 'thing' going on with mega prims. Suddenly we are awash with them because the Lindens let a loop hole open for the creation of them. A small window of opportunity that a few keen people took advantage of.
So I hauled out the mega prims and got stuck into it.

Sitting on a balsa wood box at 700m above my block I set out the basic shape on Saturday. Sunday then became finishing day. Changing some bits, improving fits and so on. Rough textures added, then aligned and then by about 3pm it was ready to drop in place.
I took a big gulp and deleted the little cottage.....byeeeeee.... sniff.......

And installed the new house!
The new house is.....quite satisfying! I used the cottage's bay window idea and put one at each side of the front door. Its size better suits the surrounding buildings which quite dwarfed the cottage. The ceiling height is better than the cottage though I am still finding the camera a bit batty.
I also used the front steps idea from the St Kitts' cottage though they had to swing around a bit to get them to fit into the space.
Sitting room at midday
Rather than have stairs to the second floor, which use up a lot of space, I have instead put in a circular ramp. I think I will add in a teleport because the ramp is annoying.
Before I added the front doors, stairs and flags to the roof, the house was only 30 prims which is magnificently economical. Even with 70 prims worth of chickens out I still have 200 prims left to finish the house off.

Sitting room at Sunset
The final view from the air shows Eleanor's Abbey behind my house as well as the block I missed out on. Now I am telling myself that it was all for the best!
Jobs still to do.... add lights, keep an eye out for floor textures, make furniture, install a bath, decorate in general......I have already changed the wallpaper since I took these photos!

New Islands at Wyre

The Lindens announced that there would be good arrangement to be had for purchasing open space sims (i.e.. low prim spaces to encourage open waters or more park like areas). These were available to people who already owned Sims. Our friendly landlord, Otenth Paderborn offered to pass on this facility to people through our island of Wyre. Two such islands have been established!

And both adjacent to my side of the island. Isle of Aud is no longer so remote.

Pool Party!

It's hot work building a new house! I had been completely in the building 'zone' constructing a new home for myself in Laudanum. In fact I forgot to eat lunch.. and breakfast too! So when Sandplum sent me an IM to come to Kuula for a pool party, I jumped at the chance to take a break!
What I was greeted by though was not quite what I expected.

The regulars were lined up in wading pools!
Making an incomplete list because of an unreliable memory, there was Muttenchops, Caillagh, Sandplum, Lumine and Theo. Light and Viz were watching as were a few others.
I flew up into the air to hop into my swimming togs ( Ozzie for bathers...) and then dropped down into the pool.

Theo provided us all with hats and drinks and we were all set to laze in the sun. After I took the photos there was a little swapping around of pool sitters and we were joined by Xavier amongst others.
Silly things were said and much mucking around!
(insert picture of Theo here)

What lovely lazy sunny days you can have on the first cold weekend for this neck of the woods!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

My name is Audrey and I am a Builder

Two things in SL have me hooked. Company and building. Ozzie evenings are the wee small hours in the US so there are evenings where the company in Sl dries up completely. And then I have to build or wander hopeless.
Currently the land and prims at Laudanum are all but used up. The rescue package came with the announcement from Guvnah Des that Saint Kitt islands were open for play. Hiding at the back on the island, building against the steep hill and at the waters egde, I built a little villa.
I have sat in this seaside villa and gazed out to sea.
Watching... waiting.....

The problem remains however! I have two small blocks in Laudanum and two small blocks in Wyre and I dont have one large wallet of prims to build with. So I did something a bit sad today and bought a larger block in Laudanum. It means I need to give up either Wyre or the Pavilion at Laudanum. And I just cant decide. I cant!! If I keep Wyre.. then my prims are split between to sims. But I have my little beauty and the escape. If I keep the pavilion I keep all the prims together. However there is no retreat and the pavilion is a primmy little princess. She has already absorbed half the allotment.
Upsides on the new block?? Neighbours! Laudanum has most of my favourite people in or around it! I willl be able to keep an eye on Xaviers bowl of water and make sure it is fresh.
Eleanor and I figure on hurling watermelons at each other's homes!
And I hear that June Wozniak thinks we could call the island Widow's Peak! Very amusing indeed! I prefer to find a few more gentlemen and call it Widow's Peek!
I have so much enjoyed running into Star, and Wildstar.
And within easy flying distance though through two sim crossings..... Wil!

I need help.. I cant decide!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Compliments duel of Sir JJ Drinkwater and Colonel Exrex Somme

There was word from Lukos that he was about to reappear in SL after going missing for a month so I got up early today to see if I could find him. No such luck!
But a morning is not to be wasted!
I got into my nicest Caledon skirt and made my way to the Compliments Duel! (The nicest not because of any other reason except that it behaves when I sit. On the other hand... it is appalling when I lie on my back! I look like a sea anemone!)
The duel was great! And the crowd thick! The event was launched with a heart wrenching song for Caledon and many hankies were dabbed to emotional eyes.
I was forced to leave just short of the end but have been told it was finally won by Sir JJ. When I left I was quite uncertain what the outcome would be, so close was the contest! So there should be, and no doubt were, bravos all round!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Eleanor's Blog

I have just been reading Eleanor's blog and she has clearly been having more fun than me.. though I regret that some of her recent experiences have been on the grizzley side!!
is the addie... and I am going to add it to the side list of places to visit so I can keep an eye on this recent adventure of hers!

Non-traditional Riding

No - I never was one for the pony club set!
But when someone set a fleet of darleks loose into NCI Kuula.... I figured I must at least try to ride a darlek.
The first one I touched whacked me in the head with its heat ray thingy.
I was not deterred.

Domination of the darleks is complete!
(Corcosman watches.... and thinks...?)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Watching Baron Build

I got an IM today inviting me to have a look at the building being done by Baron Grayson. Think Relic.. or Tryst...
So I never let an opportunity pass and off I went to watch. I sat on a rock and observed him putting in the light effects and when he was done, I went and played.

From the Baron:
"The whole difference between construction and creation is exactly this: that a thing constructed can only be loved after it is constructed; but a thing created is loved before it exists."

I stop short of calling myself an artist, but that is what it is like for me... in RL and SL.
And I love the process as much as the product, despite the whining noises I make!

I have decided that in SL I am builder... and maybe my most complicated project is myself. I don't even know what it will look like when it is completed! And I don't mean on the outside.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

More renovations...and a bit of boating

I am running out of prims! A sense of desperation falls on me!

I removed the paddle boat and today built a smaller wharf and installed a couple of smaller craft that actually move. The sailing boat half fills with water which is bit disconcerting to start with!
But I had fun today pootling around in my tug boat.

Killer Particles

Oh... they were so pretty.. but oh so deadly!
Trinity unleashed these gorgeous particles into NCI Kuula and wore some herself. So magnificent! Only L$10 we marvelled!! Rain and Theo danced, I watched with the mo that Theo gave me...

And then Kuula died!