Friday, November 27, 2009

Side bar

I am looking at side bar.. where it records some of who comes...
Some(s) arrived because they searched "I hate traffic Easter egg hunt"

I am a baby

Yesterday I whined.....thrashed about in misery
Then Peaches Latrell mentioned that Victoriana is having a land sale... I am immediately keen to buy more
I am crazy.. never take my sulks too seriously

Thursday, November 26, 2009

How much longer?

I think I may have SL burn out.
I love my SL homes but have run out of prims. So there is no room for building.
My circle of friends has shrunk.
My time available has shrunk
I crash when I load textures
Xstreet is going to become a gamble instead of a steady, if small earner to offset my expenses.

I miss old, rude, wicked and Victorian Caledon. It is a very modern Caledon these days and that is fine, but I lament what has gone.

I am not sure if my SL will survive these feelings. Maybe it filled a need for me once, and right now, I am ready to be in RL for a bit?

Dancing in Southend

Waiting for Taz to wake, I lurked in Southend. I was looking for fabric on Google Images for another cat frock. I found one, and then needed to take off the frock I was wearing to copy and paste it.
As my kitten became entirely unclad, I noticed a pair of legs behind me! Brioni from across the tracks had come to say 'hi'. I felt somewhat at a disadvantage both in bare fur and tiny.. so I transformed into big Auds.
Brioni asked me to dance while I tried to wake sleeping tiger. As we danced, we talked about my perception of him as the local Casanova which I had just confessed to.

I don't have a clue why I am so indiscreet with my thoughts but it is the case that mostly, what is in my mind will find a way out my mouth:)

Fortunately Brioni is a nice guy and took it well and explained that a couple of the 'regulars' are in fact good friends that he chats with while dancing. Much like the one we were having, he said.
I am happy to still imagine him as the neighborhood Lothario. Any good neighborhood needs one to complete the scene :)
We parted ways when I gave up trying to subtly wake the tiger and instead pushed him from his bed....


Thursday, November 19, 2009

..there is a Season...

We are moving from Autumn to Winter in my SL homes.
Victoriana is still enjoying the end of summer days as the softness of Autumn falls onto the sun warmed lawns.

Caledon has had a cold wind blow over bringing in early snows and a yearning for the quiet of winter spent next to the fire in the arms of some one warm.

Monday, November 16, 2009

A year

A year ago I went to a dance in SL. It was very close to hilarious in some ways. Tzaizqan was taking us to show support to a friend of his who was doing some fund raising I think.
There was an Elvis impersonator. We were being held close to giggles while he sang and we danced.
Taz had asked about partnership in SL. Just exactly what did it mean? Maybe I wasn't completely straightforward with him but I told him it could mean whatever you wanted obviously. There is no legal standing, it is obviously simply an understanding between two people defined by themselves.

So we danced and laughed and talked...

We talked about what it meant to us and Taz described it as "a commitment to get to know each other better". A year later we do :)

Friday, November 6, 2009

Caledon Vigilantes!

Ah! It has been a long time since I have blogged. A few reasons. I have been busy, disenchanted and bored. A blip on the dull radar was a bad man! I am not sure how bad but apparently causing some concern over at Oxbridge. A call of alarm went out via ISC (Caledon's chatter) and from my current place of feeling underwhelmed and bored, I figured I would go and see what was happening. I found the culprit, boarded the flying machine he had commandeered and travelled with him for some minutes before he realised I was there :)
When he disembarked, he landed and was surrounded by a handsome but polite gang of Caledonians
In the face of such a display of good looking and well mannered people he had no option but become meek and well behaved..

The gentleman was remarkably well dressed and well versed in the use of cages etc for a person of just days in age. I hope this "newbie" will be reformed, but some how I don't think so!