Saturday, July 25, 2015

Building a waterfall

Today I started gardening the top part of the block. Until now, I have given it zero thought. Friday night I hovered over it for 40 minutes or so trying to decide if I was going to raise or lower the terrain. This morning I decided to raise.

Because the edge of my land zigzags along the border with my neighbour, terra-forming the land is tricky. And because the dividing range of hill is on my neighbour's side, I can't raise my side without leaving a trench at the edge of her hill. The obvious thing to do then was to continue the stream that falls into the lagoon at the bottom of my garden.

I have spent the morning and a largish portion of the afternoon playing with rocks to build the waterfall into the hillside. Because Technically a lot of the rocks are on the neighour's land, I have had to make sure that they were all anchored to something in my parcel to stop them being returned. A very odd situation. She can't even see all that I am doing from her space.

The stream follows the hill's edge past Glass Knight's house and then down into the lake and from there to the sea.

Under the bridges and out past Glass Knight's little retreat on the island and my home....

Monday, July 20, 2015


Happily Gardening again in SL - I have been creating an oriental-feel. Not attempting authenticity, but enjoying blossoms and hints of red.
The idea of the block was a home for my daughters who are now old enough to play. But it turns out I am incorrigible and swiftly set to landscaping

Speed though isn't the aim. I am adoring my time building and so not want it to end! Each day I do a little bit. Each little bit is like a delicate mouthful of some gourmet taste. I let it linger and dwell on the  thrill. Means I am swooping through my garden using my camera, appreciating all the angles, and checking out spots to work on next.