Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Progress Report

I have been building. Naturally.
Well I had to, there are only so many skins a girl needs and my income in SL isn't so large I can be buying dresses everyday... Anyway, I am currently putting some furniture into it. Hunting through inventory, making and buying stuff. I do have the Baron's suite which I pop out any time I need a comfy chair and prims to spare.
I have photographed the two ground floor rooms.
Walk in the front door and you walk straight into the lounge. The lounge can take you through to the study on the same floor, up the stairs to the first floor or out the back through the french doors.

If you look back into the room, you will get this view of the front entry. I have since added a coat rack to the front hall.

The room off the lounge could be a formal dinning room.. but I have set it up as a study.

Tomorrow night, maybe, I will furnish the upstairs rums.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Red Sun

I have been walking around SL in the Changeant dress that I bought from Cutea of Grim Bros. I cant tell you how many compliments I have had since i have been wearing it!
So I sent Cutea an IM so that she would get the kind of positive feed back she deserves. Silly sausage sends me another dress!!
Here it is!
Harder and harder to know what to wear with new favourites...

Friday, September 25, 2009

Athena Zepp, Victoriana and the Frankston Villa!

No time to blog really, I need to get in to work as I am to fetch coffee for the workers... but briefly...
Athena is the first person to buy the Frankston Villa as it has been named ( some one really needs to give me a hand with names for things...looking pleadingly at Taz.....)

She sent me a photo of the newly erected building and I had to go and have a look.
She has done a magnificent job. It looks wonderful and she has furnished it tastefully and appropriately. I am really thrilled!
While I was there admiring her gardening she arrived and I gave her a hand and I have fixed the patio to suit her location too.

I guess in a sim built by Littleblack Duck, another Ozzie, I should hope to find an empathetic neighbourhood for my little Edwardian :)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Playing with Audrey

Sometimes I just can't build. It costs me more as i tend to wander off to Pulse and buy a skin. This time I wandered and Lorac was giving away a free skin.
I bought a Gothic looking one. It actually looks quite good on Audrey in her usual gear.. (though the photo doesn't do it justice) but the one that Lorac gave me didn't suit at all.

So I have tried on another hair colour... and I think I like it.. in a blond way :)
Then I put the two notions together. Blond and Gothic...

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Reality Check

I pinch my arm.... am I real?
I consider my friends... are they real?
I look to Taz..poke him with a few words to hear his soft snoring ease.. he seems real enough to me.

I am so tired of people believing because SL is a virtual world, that it isn't real.

Please get over it. That notion is so old fashioned.

I know that SL grass doesn't require photosynthesis, I know I am not actually a cat. I know that some people role play. But when I interact with someone as a friend I accept that it can be as real a relationship as I can have in "Real life".

I can be mislead. I can (unintentionally) mislead. I can misunderstand. There is lots of room for error. But if you mix with people who seek to have real relationships and work to achieve that then this whole nonsense that a virtual world leads to inferior relationships can be debunked!

Knowing the real people I mix with in sl is important to me. Not their age, colour sex etc...but their real inner self. If I suspect that I am being held from knowing them, then I have no interest in that relationship.

Relationships need nurturing. Work and effort. That goes for any world you choose to forge them in.
I hope that as a friendship deepens, I will be shown the core of the person I am spending time with. Some people are better at that and some worse. But I do not have the time of day for those who would deceive. And here is where I have trouble defining deception. It is when they manipulate my reaction to them that I feel deceived. Does that make sense?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cheese and Whiskers!!!!

Cheese and Whiskers!!!!
I have crashed again
You know.. I have been playing sl for a good long time now, and I don't understand why having been bad, and gotten better, it has to get worse again.
I have hardly logged out successfully now for days.
Either I crash or the sim crashes.
I cant post a photo of anything much for your enjoyment as asking SL to take a photo to disc is to put my SL in jeopardy. Crash crash crash
Southend has even required a trip to the doctors where any attempt to get the scripts running crashes the sim. So My doors remain locked to my houses with the scripts disabled.
I have forever been a very happy user of sl, and never felt the need to join in Linden bashing. I am not looking this gift horse in the mouth.
But i do wish i could stop crashing!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Grand Odalisque.

This is not an original theme to blog, as I am a long way from the first to do so. But having been to see it, I have to share the photos with you! It is gob smacking and awe inspiring. The sim was called Black Swan

I arrived...A dazzling white room with only the minimum visible. I walked past the swan to the dark objects which turned out to be doors.

I walked through one door into the dark. I found a dimly lit room with a lit centre and was dismayed thinking that perhaps I had missed the exhibit. But I continued down dark corridors....saw light and approached

and was impressed

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

King Kong in Oxbridge

I heard people in ISC worrying about something in Oxbridge. I had known the horror of the gargoyles there and having learnt their secrets, I rushed to hopefully bring aid to those affected. I was horrified! This monster I saw in the great square was no gargoyle. A much mightier monster!

The air filled with the buzz of planes. All trying to defeat the monster and return him to his own unnatural home. Those plucky pilots were caste to the ground including my dear friend, Elanor Andearton.
When it seemed things could be no worse, we were overwhelmed by the appearance of a giant Santa Clause. No reasoned thought can be made, no sensible sentence uttered when confronted by the sight of these two enormous avatars.

To my enormous fright, the beast approached.....

He scooped me up in his enormous paw.
And to my enormous astonishment, he took me to the roses that I might smell their pixel perfume.
Titan sized Santa turned from terrifying to curious, peeping over Kong's shoulder as Kong gently placed me back onto the ground.

My shock at the treatment left me out of breath, but otherwise unscathed after the gentle care of the giants of Oxbridge

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lady Najelle

The other day I met the oldest Av I have met so far in sl. Stillpink Sandgrain, who was rezzed in November 2003, suggested I needed to make a pink medieval costume. With a name like that I guess I shouldn't be surprised :) My best RL buddy is partial to pink too, so I have named it for her.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

More Grimm Bros

Ahh. another beautiful gift from Cutea and Grimm bros While I was making tiny purkle clothes, she was making gorgeous big purple ones :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

lady Josephine

A while back I posted a bit of an article on how building is done in sl for my friend Jo who lives in RL!
After watching a bit more of my none sense she asked that I make her a dress. I think she planned for it to be very flouncy etc... but that's not what I am up to yet..
I am still making stuff for the Raglan Medieval thingy
So rather than have her wait, I have called this latest dress after her.
I may get to doing a Little Women Jo for her later :)