Monday, June 22, 2009

Kitty Shoes

I was out walking through Southend Caledon. The world was full of tweeting birds, I could see Alastair working in his shop making some kind of primmy madness and I happened to wander along to my Bourneville building and what should I see but......
actually... this is nothing about me walking. This is about me wearing .. new shoes!!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Making Dresses

I went for a wander the other day and ended up in Nix Sands' shop and I am just so impressed with the tiny things he is making!
Nix is making things for Loco Poco tinies. Very detailed, lovely things.
My new resolution is to give the detail a bit more attention.
Today I fiddled on a dress I began sometime in the last couple of days t'il it was done. I was making Flora Moppet. Pretty floral with stripes and lace. She even has fancy drawers under her full length skirt

I got her into vendors and onto SLexchange and then considered how many designers in SL create a range on the same style. So I went and played in, created a texture in pinks and browns which are on of my current favourite colour combos and tadah! Coco Moppet is born! All original textures. And a lot of fun to make and wear!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Skirt Building 101

Audrey and Songbird
One day I was building a chair and I wanted to see if everyone else had issues with the tiny poses. The first person to come to my call for aid was Songbird. Since then we have chatted and she expressed an interest in making a skirt for a tiny. So yesterday we had a little tiny dress making class.
I showed her how to use Looprez and then how to make a simple torus shirt.
Next thing I know I am getting an IM! Songbird has an outfit to show me.
Here she is in her first outfit :) Hurray!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Loving Tanglewood

It has always been a theme for me.. I fall in love with places in SL. Since Tanglewood gained an Audrey and a Tzaizqan, I haven't spent much time in Southend.
I love sitting in the grass!
I love chatting.

It has been very nice and quite often people wander by and say 'hi' and a few friends have dropped in after an invitation.

I finally rezzed a chair yesterday for Skye but up til then we had entertained on the lawns!

Xavier Taz and I
(Thanks Xavier fo rthe shot!)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Second Life is Real Life

In and out of Second Life there is a common separation of Second Life and Real Life. I can't and won't accept that they are separate.
I am interacting with people. They are not programs. This is not the SIMs
There are role players..
There are people living out repressed facets of themselves.
There are people discovering who they are.
There are well rounded people.
There are a LOT of people carrying grief. Scratch the surface and you find it is there.
There are people who want to be completely anonymous.
There are liars who intentionally conceal and mislead.
There are some seriously crazy mixed up people.
There are ordinary people wandering through life.
I could tick a couple of the above for myself and others.
So they ...we... come into a place which is called Second Life. And we form communities. Interact.

And then there is this reference to RL as if it is some other thing. I completely reject this. SL is in my RL. Just as my work is part of my RL.

oh dear.. I can feel a rant coming on...

Hauls up short and says more briefly.....
People in SL who forget that the people they are "playing" with are not programs which are switched on and off as they leave the room or tire of playing with deserve a swift kick.

People in RL who think that because it was called Second Life, that it is some kind of other, unreal social interaction need educating. I hear " I don't need a SL, I barely have time for a real one". It makes my blood boil.

SL is a cup of tea with a neighbour, a BBQ on the weekend, a phone call to friends overseas. It's a sad day when you don't have time for that.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Merry Widow Moppet

I have put the complicated roof of the Federation house on the back burner while my brain takes some time out. SL is supposed to be a retreat and at the moment I need it!
So I have been making more tiny dresses.
They are low stress.
I get to concentrate on repeating patterns which is a passion I have and I used extensively in my Catherine Wheels from my other life.
This is the most recent offering.. named for the Widows of Caledon!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tanglewood Menagarie

I am smiling to myself tonight as I tend to the menagerie.

We went shopping... to Jon Haskell's shop, Sculpty Creation Animals at
and bought a family of animals to inhabit the Grove.

Meet the frogs.. names.... ahhh oversight. None of the animals have names yet!

Then there is the Belted Galloway. He is there to impress a young lady. And how could she fail to be impressed?

Tonight's question: What is the plural of platypus. Seems it might just be platypus or platypuses. I would love to say platypi but it turns out that Platypus is of Greek heritage so the plural would be platypodes. I like it!
When I first installed them, Mister had a bit of an issue as he swam around the pond. Essentially he was not rezzing.. I had a blinking ball popping around the pond. I IMed Mr Haskell and during the Ozzie evening, he came online and sent me a fix, and now I have a perfectly formed platty swimming around. Programming his swimming area was perfectly easy.

The ducks arrived later as I watched the platties play.. I couldn't resist adding just one, two.. more creatures.

I have been watching the animals from lofty heights. Just off my left flank is the bank where the platypodes live, off my left shoulder is the bull, and then to right the frogs and far right the ducks.
My kingdom.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Grim Bros


Cutea Benelli sent an IM to Caledon asking if anyone would like a free sample. After immediately crashing, I IMed her and she sent me a beautiful dress.

I am Anne of Green Gables today.

Friday, June 5, 2009

I dug a hole

I am waiting to have time to build something with Tzaizqan but I am stuck at work too much in real life. This morning however, while he slept, I dug a hole and played. Still have a lot of prims left after throwing around a few trees and a bridge and have made a pretty place called Belgars Grove.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Stuff from Thursday

Tanglewood, consolidation and little things.
First off, if you can listen while you read, go to
and listen to From Little things Big Things Grow.
I happen to like this song. You dont have to, but I guess if you listen to it while you read then it will be a similar effect to when I wrote it! (Though mine is an album version and has Ernie Dingo playing a piece of plastic pipe for a didgeridoo!)

I am not about to climb too far into my navel right now but will write briefly on the latest change to land holdings in sl.
Today I gave away the block of land at Steelhead. It has been on my mind for a couple of months now. I simply dont get to Steelhead often enough to feel my roots are there. I have flittered in and out of a couple of dances, but with time scant enough to barely open my mouth before I have had to tp out again.

My real life gets more complicated and the thing is that I take my sl communities seriously. I looked at how things were and decided I was simply trying to spread myself too thin. I loved the spot in Steelhead, but I hated leaving it as an empty building, even if it was a shop. I don't like empty sims.
One of the things I like about Southend is the constant flow of people and a steady of regulars.
(Audrey Fotherington waves at the yellow spot on the mini map that is Alastair Whybrow)
I don't like being a contributing factor to another sim being the sort of place I dont like. The sterile wastelands of pretty but unpopulated sl.

So I decided to let the block go. I struggled with the 'how to' part of it. I didn't want to pass it to just anyone, and I didn't want to waste my life trying to sell something that had already repaid me in pleasure what it had cost me to buy. The challenge then was to find someone deserving.
I didn't want to yell.."block for free" as I was sure that would attract the sort of tenant that might not be the best for Steelhead down the track. Finally today I got a nibble to my call for some one to take over caring for my block. And it was Lunar enquiring on behalf of some one else. I was delighted because if he was enquiring then he must approve of the person. 15 minutes later it was all handed over. The only thing I asked of her was that when she has had enough of the block, could she be as generous to the next person.
I wont check, or mind if she doesn't, but I like to hope that the random acts of kindness that have fallen my way in SL, which I have tried to pass on, will continue to trickle through.

So I consolidate my future into Caledon. Taz and I added to our holdings and finally bought a block of land in Tanglewood from Starlight Vandeverre. At the moment we don't really have a grand plan. Maybe a tree house? gardens? Bunnies who worship you?

So for the time being, I am throwing tree trunks around. I have rezzed the punkin home and taz has installed his phone booth.

Home sweet Home!