Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Pavilion

The Pavilion is now installed. I am not sure how much more I will do with it as I have been fiddling for so many hours and so many days I have really thought about it enough for now. I hope people like it! I hope that visitors to Winterfell will feel welcome and sit in a chair while waiting for their ship to come in. Eat a cake while watching the sun over the waters.
It would be lovely to have a dance.. or a book club or...
The building was inspired by an etching of a building on a pier from Victorian times. The final one that I placed in SL looks nothing like the original however as I worked to reduce its ostentatious-ness. I removed the lower story and there is still debate about columns :)
What isn't shown in this image is the Winterfell flag flying on the roof... thanks Wil!

NCI Birthday Blitz Building

Ok.. there weren't enough newbies in the early hours of the party.. so they opened the blitz up. The theme for both of today's blitzes, for young and old, was NCI. The newbies one.. as just too early for my brain.... my build was ugly.. so lets not immortalise it in the blog, ok?

But the Oldies was fantastic! Great friends rolled up for both participating and viewing. As usual I asked what I should build and as usual Loris said... 'cat box'.... so I did! I used up a lot of my prim allowance very swiftly making lots of tiny chairs.. but then I had 20 minutes to make textures: the sign over the arch says "Lorimae's Sandbox" and then there is "Lori's Kitty Litter" on the sides of her box and I made a kitty litter texture for the tray.

(I look like I have strolled into NCI Lilliput!)
The builds were fabulous and featured personalities we all know at NCI.. but it seems that Welli is a hit with the builders. Viz made a monolithicly sized one of him.
.. while Lorimae had Welli and Mutten in a slap fest.
Annie's Garn was magnificent!
And here is Lori testing out her sandpit...... I asked her to keep it clean :)
ohhhh and did I mention?? I won!!!

NCI Birthday Party

NCI is 3! The party is on as I type! I can see lots of familiar faces dancing.
So far there has been a newbie blitz I believe and a toob race.
Mutten has set up a photo board of then and now photos to show the evolution of people's avatars!
Here is a close up of mine. Here's my secret.... when I got the flexi hair shown on my newbie, I was so excited I called the outfit "Whit Woo" - how did it escape me that I was orange?
Colin has suspended his space ship over the crowd, inverted as always....
Very much a typical NCI Birthday!
Thanks to all who thought of, set up and now run NCI... I cant imagine having stayed in SL if I hadn't wandered in those months ago!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

SL Withdrawl

My name is Audrey... and I am an addict......
RL school holidays means a trip away from the home computer. As a small gesture of self control I am not loading SL here but trying to make a week away.
Of course there is the Winterfell ning.... so expect many postings there...
And gmail to catch a very few..
But we are talking cold turkey...

Don't want to rush the holidays, but......

Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Week in Wardrobe

Shallow shallow.............I am feeling shallow all over again!
This week was full of mini-drama and as a blog material, not remotely worth reliving. Long story short though is that directly and indirectly, I ended up with a lot more clothes!
Shopping is a great distraction for troubled times!
So instead of recounting tales that aren't mine to recount, I will show you just a few of the extensions to the wardrobe.
I have the most beautiful collection of clothes from Silent Sparrow. And I figured the new clothes deserved new shoes. Well you have to agree, surely?
In case you are wondering, yes! I do have buff coloured pants on!
I was once an av that almost never changed clothes but wore a uniform of capris and I am now hopping in and out of outfits all day!

The last images are of the outfit Seraph! The textures are so beautiful.

First just with me as a clothes hanger- then in action at the Winterfell Ball (Otenth on the left and Jess on the right)

Friday, April 11, 2008

A long day in SL

Seraph Suit

I don't know if it was a full moon or not, but today was an emotional day in SL. Least said soonest forgotten- I will wake up tomorrow and remember nothing. My father always said i was forgiving. Forgetful would have been more accurate!
The thing that will remain is a significantly increased wardrobe.
If there was any chance that I would keep up to date, this blog could have a new outfit per day for quite a while.
Thankyou to my wardrobe helper.

Sunday, April 6, 2008


It's always like this... sometimes no blogs then three in a day!
Today the third came as a surprise.
I dropped into Winterfell Laudanum for a bit of quiet so that i could stay in SL while I typed the last blog entry.
While there, I got an IM from Miss Serra. Would I be interested in taking over the tier on the shop next to me boat?
Ahhhhhhh ...ohhhhhhh..... too much temptation! I wanted more prims in Winterfell but I didn't want another split parcel like I have at Wyre!

And, I had been toying with the idea of removing the boat to build a waterside pavillion! And now I can have both!!

It has fallen perfectly into place

Why Blonds Aren't So Dumb!

Next time you are buying hair, buy blond!
Blonds do have more fun because if you buy blond, with modify option, you can have any colour hair you want!



(Hey! and even avs shut their eyes at the wrong time in photos! Who knew?)

Simply put your hair on, go into edit and change the colour of the texture. This is one of mine from Calla. I love Calla hair and don't wear anything else despite receiving lots of freebies around. There are hair bands in this style and I separately colour them by going to 'edit linked parts', then selecting the bands with 'shift' and colour them as a separate group. Too easy

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Week That Was

Funny week really.

Last Friday there were not enough newbies for the blitz so it was opened for all. I wasn't really thinking straight. I jumped into the theme of homewares and just as the time finished I realised I had an urgent RL thing to attend to. I left behind a Sunbeam MixMaster. Complete with turning beaters and bowl. Jumped into car, whizzed around, ran back and the voting and results were all over and all that remained was a small group around my Mix Master. I chatted for a while and was completely gobsmacked to find out that I had won! So overwhelmed that the photos I took remain undiscovered to this day. I was forced to wait until SL survived a long outage and hop in to take some pictures today.
Winning, when it should have been a newbies comp, didn't sit too comfortably so I split the money between the two newbies who participated. The fun is in the building. I am having trouble concentrating on tasks if there isn't a fixed end time and purpose.

The rest of the week trickled by with things of little consequence but fully absorbing all the same.

There was a shopping spree with Wilberforce Beaumont...

I introduced myself to Will a little while back after listening to an impressive display of gibberish through the Caledon chat IM. When I saw him standing in a nearby part of Winterfell, I couldn't resist the urge to make acquaintance with this fellow. Sin
ce then I have had a couple of chats with Mr Beaumont and he is an interesting chap to say the least. He took me on a tour of his home which is mid-construction and we exchanged gibberish in the tower which at the moment is the only furnished spot.
Most recently I noticed him working on the Docks and he
told me that Silent Sparrow was to open a shop there. I am an ignorant, non-shopping av so this meant that Will needed to take me to Silent Sparrow's main store for an introduction. We collected Sandy and Viz along the way. I am now a Silent Sparrow convert!
Will knew the way to a secret room and then my lack of spending funds hurt!
I only had L$85. :(
So I did what I haven't done before and bought Lindens during play time rather than importing through SLexchange which is what I usually do. And purchases were made.....

ere is me in one of the Sparrow outfits with new hair bought from my favourite hair place, Calla. I almost always buy Blond hair with mods. That way I can colour to my hearts content! Clever, eh!?

I am not sure where Auds is going with these.. but I like the look and it suits the themed sims while
not too fussy.

There was more blitz... same deal.....Not enough newbies...Theme "things that fly"
Except that I had some one running IMs in my ear the whole time and I *could not think straight!* Sheesh! The thing I built was horrible. So instead, let's look at pictures of Lukos's witch build which I loved.
And I think my Winterfell clothes suit nicely too!

and strange priests
By now you might realise that the human component of sl is what has me riveted. So when I flew over Winterfell and spied a fully uniformed "Father Saint John" my curiosity is immediately aroused. Who comes into SL as a priest, complete with a pile of Catholic groups under his/her profile. A real priest? A nut case? How old? What mission? Was he praying for me?
I wanted to have a chat with this Father Sinjin, but he wasn't responding . I plan to stalk him!

ohhh and the piano that Lukos is building is almost done.....
Winnifred is all but complete. Unfortunately the but is as big as mine. We need an animation. Lukos computer may or may not be up to the task and I may or may not be up to the task to do it on mine. I have downloaded animation software.. but it is hard.I have no idea how the body moves while playing the piano. I don't watch myself! LOL
Meanwhile, here she is! My part in the project was sculpty pedals. Yes! I downloaded the software and made the first thing! Hooray! I made the texture for hinges and keys. The rest is all Lukos.

Actually it has been a busy week, hasn't it?

On Wyre

Otenth has done some research into his family tree and discovered that Miss Soliel Snook is in fact one of his relatives. To recognise this, he has created her Marchioness of Giggleford and a dance and celebration was held.

And so bright and early on Sunday morning I lept out of bed and made it to the first dance held on the island since I arrived!
I had a lovely time. Almost too lovely! Suddenly as the party started to slow, I remembered that I was supposed to go to work! I rushed off but was glad to have been present for most of it. I hope that the visitors to our island enjoyed is as much as I did.