Monday, March 29, 2010

Very Happy

Rolls round tossing them in the air!

I landed in SL this afternoon and saw that Des was about and hoped that maybe my Tanglewood transfer was about to happen. Usually though he is drowning in IMs and requests, so rather than jumping on him with another request for attention, I gave a wave to ISC and wondered if I should get into some dress making while waiting for my tiger to stir or prepare a RL meal.
Next minute, Des says to ping him.
Ahah! I think he is ready for Tanglewood!
Nope, that notecard hasn't made it through .. instead he is looking at a couple I sent him about my prim lust and he has a couple of options for me!
He mentions a very delish quantity of prims in Caledon Downs. Downs is right next door to Southend and I have always had a soft spot for it. He TPed me over, and it was a done deal!

Next I send him a copy of the tanglewood notecard, we zip over there and it is all sorted!

Final step is to show the now awake tiger our new home!

I am happy. Really very happy!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Well... I didn't see that coming. I honestly didn't!
I went back in world to see if the afternoon's shocking news was still true and was told that the good citizens of Victoriana were packing up.
I am doing my best to be a good one, so I dutifully went about the business of packing my prims.
It is all done now. Finished. Over.
I want a sl home so I feel I belong there, but maybe this is time to reflect. Maybe now I simply don't belong. Not sure but perhaps what I needed SL for has passed?
I have had a quick wander round this afternoon looking for a primmy place for me to set up and build and I haven't found anything approaching charming.

Do I regret selling Southend? Absolutely. Do I want to go back there? Not really.
I am ready for what comes next.
I am not frightened of change.
I am not frightened of the future.
The past is wayyyyy more frightening :)

As I said when Fathom disappeared beneath the waves.. "Onward and forward"

Completely and Utterly Gobsmacked

I am homeless
LBD, without warning, is shutting us down. I knew the Lindens had been stuffing him round, but I didn't see him pulling up stumps so swiftly.
I have worked so hard the last couple of months moving everything over to Victoriana.
I want to write so much more but for now what I want to say is best not recorded.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Is not Bothered

I am building
I have a telescope going up and down and the roof of the observatory will go round
and I am happy too

Monday, March 15, 2010


I don't want to do the maths. I spend a lot of my days waiting. Waiting bothers me. Gets right up my nose. If I worked out the percentage I suspect it would bother me a bit more.
To pass time, I build if SL is available.
When I don't have a project to take my attention, I get very bothered.
Right now, I wish I had a project as I am tired of being bothered.
I am thinking I might make an observatory. Not sure though as I am not up to the scripting for the telescope, up down and round.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Last Of St Patricks Day's tiny making

Tiny Shamrock?... Tiny Clover? Tiny in green for St P's day....
That's enough for 2010
All three outfits should be in my three stores. Lidl Auds Lidl Kisses is at Tinytoriana, Caledon Southend and Raglan Heronshire.

next....Leprechaun's for St Pat's Day

Work in real life has been busy but at last, I get to have 2 days off in a row. So I have dedicated this morning to wasting time, having fun!
This moppet comes with short and longer pants, waist coat or jacket option, hat and pipe and clumpy shoes!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Not Enough Time

I have plans for tiny St Patricks day.... but not enough time...
here is the beginning
(P S thanks to Peaches Latrell who has helped me with a better pose at last!)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Auds N Ends & Lidl Audz Lidl Kisses

I have been busy and by now I feel thick and foggy.
However I have done a complete renovation for the new block at Southend.
Sent a note off to the Victorian Shopkeepers and blogging should just about tick the last of the to-dos. I even re-boxed all the houses there with the correct up to date note card. (What a bore!!)
Feels satisfied with self :)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

My Tiny New Home

I was talking to Edward Pearse tonight between my intervals of 5 minutely crashes... and mentioned that I feel a little like a dog on the end of a leash. The smaller prim allowance is a bit of a test for me.
Yesterday I set up my new home in Tinytoriana.
This morning I got a special notice to say that I was 10 prims over my limit... whoooops!
It is quite a challenge to furnish with 200 prims. The little house is three rooms and 55 prims. That's not exactly low prim, nor exactly over the top. So I am learning to pull my horns in a little.

I still have most of my prims at my biggee home so I have some where I can build a tiny skirt without having to retreat to the Victoriana Sandbox. Or a shoe with 120 stitches evenly spaced round the sole....
I should really put in a photo of the sandbox too as it has become my default home. I am spending quite a lot of time there and am very grateful to LBD for putting those prims at our service. I just lonely there, that's all. So I would rather build at ground level if I could.

The sandbox
In the sandbox I have three WIPs. The railway station is being made tiny, I am re-texturing the Morris House and it looks much better in stone than it did as a brick cottage. (Also textured in weatherboard as shown in my new tiny house)
Also working on the original Lidl Auds shop. Once it is is re-textured, I will get myself sorted, find a more commercial spot for my houses and it will be the store for my houses. I will probably put landmarks in there with directions to a couple of my other place so that people can see the sort of things I build.
It is a toss up you see. Who will buy a house without seeing it rezzed? Will they ever pay enough to pay for the prims it costs to have houses rezzing? A rezzing vendor would be ideal I guess. I think I need a firm hand top guide me through that one though. I have wasted plenty of SL hours trying to decide on which rezzer.

ohhhh I have garbled on and on and I am too tired to read what kind of aimless nonesense i have spouted.... off I go .. gooodnight :)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Moving On

The sounds of water ... irresistable.

My dry land locked RL insists on SL water. Having sold off all my waters edge in Caledon I last only a handful of days before I decided that I needed a major reshuffle of all land.
All along, I have mixed my residential with my commercial but I think I will now sort that. I Have the tiny shops in Tintoriana and Raglan. I think I need a more commercial place for my houses and not simply a residential block.
While the Forest sim and my block there would have to be one of the prettiest places in SL, I cant use it for either commercial or residential as any residence must let me build and I can not build in the trees.
So then I had my eyes out for a tiny home and a biggee home and I have spied, and bought the next two most lovely blocks in Victoriana (IMHO).

The first was one I was drooling over a few nights ago when I figured I wouldn't buy it this time round but wait til it came free again. No will power. I imagined some one else living there and it didn't sit right. During winter I went skating on this pond at night. Absolutely stunning.
For the moment I have plonked Frankston Villa onto the block but now I have a good reason to build a new house that address the corner better. St Albans faces the road fine, but ignores the lovely rear view so it wouldn't do at all.

Look at the view from the lounge room!!!!

Even more stunning from outside. Littleblackduck Lindsay (Ducky or LBD) has designed the most wonderful sims.

The newest is Tintoriana and again I have grabbed a lovely block. This is where I have bought a block for tiny Auds. These photos are from last night before I got building.

More photos to come :) Not many prims here so furnishing was something of a trick. Think mats and paintings.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Caledon Birthday Cake Building Competition

Jay advertised the cake competition and all along I hoped to join in but I kept being caught up in things. Rl and SL.
So at the last minute I got stuck into building a cake. I had about 2 hours I believe but before I could finish, Taz woke up in the UK so the cake was abandoned while we chatted.

And so at the last, last minute it was finished.
I popped it in place and it was completely dwarfed. I stretched it a tiny bit so that it didn't vanish when you walked away from it.
And then left it to its devices...

I wasn't in world when the winners were when I next arrived, I got a tap on the window from Jay and he passed me an object....

A Caledon Games Gold Medal

Jay was telling me I won the Judges Choice!

I was doing the mental skippedy do dah in my head and hardly heard him add that I had also received bronze for Viewers Choice. Last time I had looked I was doing quite badly. How totally amazing!
Above is the cake. If I can rustle up some prims, I will put it out, free to copy and you may all have a celebratory slice