Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Another night

I have wasted a colossal amount of time. Making houses is sooo much more time consuming when compared with tiny dresses.
I have hunted for a nice round brick window texture without success. I have played with getting a texture onto the gable wood texture. Am annoyed.
Lifted the roof, lowered the wall, lowered the roof, lifted the wall and so on... arrggghhh
But I think you will be able to see the movement...


Whole new ratio of walls to roof was required. So while it may not look like, it the building has been started over. Two new textures as I work on the box bay windows Now off to sleep

Monday, December 28, 2009

Building Blitz Style

As well as working on the house... I also had a chance to build in the NCI Building Blitz!
The Theme....

Kitty Rapunzel
In her Tower with not nearly long enough hair. Darn cat wouldn't stop twitching as i tried to arrange her hair.

The winner was obvious. Mr Brick from the pad next to mine with his shiny suit of armour. I came 6th and won $150L

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Building Federation Style

Boxing Day!
After a lot of cooking, a lot of eating, a lot of planning, a lot of cleaning I have a day to myself. I am on strike. I am not getting more food. There is no more room in the fridge.
So I have spent the day building!
I have bought a new block in Victoriana. In Victoriana Pavilion. The trees in Forrest were making it a bit too hard for me to build. While I am happy to build homes at 1000m, I prefer to make clothes at ground level and enjoy watching people passing by.

Nice thing about Victoriana is seeing familiar buildings! behind me in Pavilion is the QVB from Sydney. In another Victoriana Sim, I recognised the railway station from Albury before I found out that is what it was. I love how LBD has arranged these sims and furnished them with magnificent buildings

I have started a new house based on another in Appian Way.
Have a look at
this link if you are interested in Appian Way

My house, Frankston Villa was the first from that street. The houses there are stunning and I will work my way through them. So far I have just a little of the layout. Walls are like loose teeth and jutting out all over, but I can see where I am headed :)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Elves and Supermassive Black Holes

Today I was driving home and I was loving listening to Muse. I was listening to Supermassive Black Hole for about the 5th time for the day and imagining making an elf outfit when I got home.

There is a strong link between listening to music and enjoying building for me. No music, no concentration.

I got home started building, fed a family, continued building... and here is the outcome.
Pretty Cute, huh?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A taste of Real Life
It's the end of year for rl endeavours and we celebrated with show and tell. Catehrine Wheel quilts and MBOM were started in my classes and I am so proud of the ladies' achievements!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

another old favourite


..... by the way... I did buy more land... eeeekkkk
I think I need to swap it for another part of Victoriana though as the trees play havoc with my cameras when I am building.
I like to build at ground level, not in the sky, as I get lonesome....

Thursday, December 10, 2009


In the last year, I have seen more dawns than in my life time put together. That's a lot of dawns!
Though I never was a morning person

I have all my life been a night person.
It's when I concentrate. Its when my house is quiet. I feel creative at night.

For a year I have been watching dawns. And I have still sought those quiet times in the late hours. By gum I am tired!

Monday, December 7, 2009


I have been busy and not busy...
I did buy more land!
What a surprise!

I am very much struggling to build there as the trees are messing with my cameras at ground level, and I am too easily distracted
So I have sort of stopped building the house at the moment.

Instead I went on a little building spree for kitty winter dresses to celebrate Christmas in. Sometimes I find picking names as much trouble as making the frocks!
I start by googling something like...
frock, dress, Victorian

Then I might look for textures by googling things like:
red, Christmas, satin, brocade, lace or fabric

Then it is time for fun.
Last job is name picking.
I try to think of a name that I will remember so that I do not have to keep looking them up to work out which is which. But it hasn't worked. I simply don't remember :)
So here are the most recent ones. Peaches has been named for Peaches Latrell who was giving me some land advice while I was making it.
So the dresses have gone out into Raglan, Southend and Victoriana and I am enjoying a small trickle of funds towards all my crazy rent obligations :)