Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lucky Chair

So I spent the morning of Friday making a lucky chair. I used the board of the bought one modified with textures... and added my own chair and winner textures! *Fun*

One is now in Caledon Southend and the other in Raglan Heronshire

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Building Frenzy

more moppet clothes
.. a frenzy as the long summer holiday comes to a close!
Coughs up a hairball, overwhelmed with sweetness!

Testing Gideon McCullough

Today Gideon was having a dry run Building Blitz. No prizes, just the fun of it before he gets to do it officially. The theme was... "What to did you want to be when you grew up?"
The entrants...

The compere...

Me... as the Flying nun

His photo of me...

think he needed a better angle. But probably not worth the effort as it wasn't a place getter. I feel a tiny bit ripped off this time. Whatever, tis only a game!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Greetings from Victoriana

I have a job!
I am now working as a Victoriana greeter, to welcome people as they arrive in Victoriana. Whether newbies or wanderers finding their way to our lovely sims for the first time!

Naturally I wanted to look the part so I asked the mayor for a copy of the tartan and quickly made a frock to wear while I worked last night. then today, with more time I embellished it with some braid and made a hat to go with it, a lovely little felt sun hat.
And I have made shoes too! Shiny patent leather ones with yellow ribbed tights.

i have put them out to sell in a box at Victoriana Tinytoriana.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Making it Tiny

I am making tiny dresses again!
Thinking of Valentines day, i made up a heart in a paisley style and have used it in a texture for a skirt and top for a tiny frock. I may make some sleeves if I can stop patting myself on the back long enough.
I thought if anyone is interested in having a go at this themselves, they might find the process pictures helpful....
First I make the texture for the skirt panels. because Tinies are small I dont have to worry about making the textures repeat.. but if I think I might use them for something else later, I will try to make the pattern seamless.

Then I make a texture for the body. There is a spot of alpha at the neck and this shapes the shirt.

Next the texture is applied to an egg shape just marginally larger than the tummy of my tiny.
And bob is your uncle!

For Songbird!

I made a dress for Songbird. Original textures~! cute!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


A while back I blogged about helping Songbird with dress making... Today I received in the mail this lovely outfit she has made ... and named after me.! What a lovely thing for her to do !

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fresh Start?

Tonight, as I lurch out of my hair pulling I followed up on a landmark to his house I received from Roman Fosse. Determined not to wallow more in my loneliness, I have gone to his sim for a look around.

Roman recommended it to me as it was inspired by Blade Runner, one of my favourite movies.


Miss Saffia on the left at her third rez Day Dance

Today I was looking for a dress to wear to Saffia's rez day party. So I opened my inventory..... that would be eeeeeeeek number 1
Truth is, in 2009, I did not sort my inventory. I did occasionally delete "objects" and lost and found and empty the trash. But no sorting into folders.

Anyway, one thing leading to another, I started rezzing "objects". Discovered a couple of good UFOs. Started texturing and next thing I know, I have retextured one side of the sail of Taz's boat with fretwork. Oh No!
So instead of finding something new to wear, I was busy.

First... photograph remaining side. I put a prim behind it to make it easier to select away the background. Remove all the background with the magic wand.
Second... find a picture of ...... (might as well add a personal touch while I am at it) Slide the two together.
Load, fidget into place. Run away and hope Taz doesn't notice I wrecked his boat..... Finally read notice one last time and realise that I am supposed to be in 1920s gear. I have none, so no point looking. I quickly chose a non-date specific frock and off I go.. just a little late!

That's me in the centre. Eleanor Anderton to the left. Eleanor and I had a lovely time chatting and catching up!
Listening to music from Gabbi :) Lovely times
Happy Rez Day Miss Saffia!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


screams kicks pulls hair out and has a tantrum
why does it have to be so hard?
It is hard
I have no answers
no resolve

Note : Apologies for the increasing levels of soap in bloggings

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sad news

I heard today that the typist of AutopilotPaul Qork has died.
Very sad news.
Paul was talking to me just last week about the gallery he was establishing in Caledon. Something I felt quite strongly about, even if for my own reasons.
Paul's plan was to establish a gallery of our RL. Photos from RL, present in our SL. The conversation we had was about my hopeless inability to get anything done even when it is something I want to do. Too many things slide off the edge off my desk-of-things-to-be-doing.
Piles of stuff I could get to if I had time and will. Piles of things I think are worthwhile and interesting too.
(there are also piles of stuff that lurk on the carpet that never make it onto the desk.. things I don't want to do, things I should but don't feel like...)
I was interested in Paul's project because unlike so many in SL, I don't separate RL from SL so this project for me was a bit about embracing both lives.
I am very sad that he has gone and my thoughts are for those who have lost him.

Friday, January 15, 2010


A year ago I went on holidays and I was beside myself worrying about suffering from SL withdrawal.
It's a year on, the addiction has eased its grip and I am enjoying a little away time with ease.

Before I left, I ran round and fed meters.. rent in Victoriana Forest, Victoriana Pavilion, 3 blocks in Caledon Southend and the Heronshire Raglan store. That.. is a fair bit of rent all up!

Fortunately my cottage industry of houses and dresses had put a few cents in my account to offset the expense so it was just a smallish transfer to US then to Linden dollars. I HATE the double exchange.
On the SL website front page they have links to various subjects and today there was "What I hate most about SL". I think the double sting of currencies would have to be my hate, as I really don't hate anything else at all :)

One thing I did forget to do was to pack up my vendors in the middle of Raglan that had been set up for the season's celebrations. I guess someone will parcel it up and send it home if it is meant to be cleaned up before I get "home"

I am enjoying my out of world time and my eyes are feasting on South Coast cottages imagining them turned into SL reality :) Back soon, refreshed !

Sunday, January 10, 2010


I am happy. A lovely evening with my Taz. And to a lesser degree of importance, I think the thing about the word I used is settled. Let peace prevail :)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Keep Busy

Keep Busy is the goal.. otherwise being left at home while the kids head to Queensland for a theme park holiday without me will get a little overwhelming.
So today I planned to finish the federation house I began at Christmas.
With a bit of time off line when my good mood got squelched as mentioned below, I still managed to achieve my goal. (Thanks Fogwoman, you are wise :) )
The house is mostly, sort of, finished.
I have replaced Heppi's House in Southend where my house vendors are and put in Saint Alban's as it is known as of a few minutes ago.
May tweak a bit here and there yet. Do some landscaping. And fill it with furniture for photos for the vendor board.

Insulting behaviour - mine apparently

Today in caledon we were talking about local idioms. I used the word "Brit" because I guessed most people in caledon would be unfamiliar with the word "pom" and have been muted. I had no idea that shortening for ease of typing "Brittish" to "Brit" meant anything to anyone.

I am not totally up to speed with the terms of conduct in sl, but people seem fairly reluctant to do direct quotes. So essentially he said I am not funny because the people who invented the word "Brit" paid for the bomb that nearly killed him. And added "mute fotherington"

I can only say I am totally and utterly flabbergasted.

My "ROFLOL" was not in response to anything he said, it referred to someone else, for what it is worth.

My feelings are hurt. So what. Hope his day is better because of it.

PS. I do apologise for the unintended hurt. And as usual, I offer olive branches and all that stuff. I came to SL for friendships.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Meet Torus

On Saturday, I had time free and decided to head along to the auction being held by Carl Metropolitan to raise funds for teaching at Oxbridge.
I almost decided I would spend all that I had on something. Then when the bidding began it quickly became clear I wasn't going to win anything.

Occasionally I threw in a bid to get the ball rolling, Or threw all my lindens at the low bids to get them up where they should be. I didn't however stand a chance of winning with my pitiful Linden balance.
All was not lost however as I got an IM from someone I didn't know - Torus Heliosense. He read my profile and asked me something, I can't remember what. We got chatting and it seems that superficially at least we enjoy similar things about sl.
Actually I got to know Taz way back when he read my profile at a dance held by Soliel Snook. He didn't dance with me... or even talk. But he did read my profile. He IMed a "hello" some time after. Funny thing to do really. Lucky thing as it turned out.
Today I met up with Torus again and we exchanged progress reports on our current projects. Torus makes a version of the game "Truth or Dare" for SL. (Sounds like something I could play with Taz :)... though now I think about it, what havent I said already? )
He is adapting one into a more steampunk style and he is furnishing his home in a similar style-
full of builder's eye candy. A music box full of moving gears is one thing I particularly remember. A bit of a flick to inspect showed that the house was full of things he had made himself, and it made me feel pretty humble.

The downside to my building obsession is that at 1000m where I build, I don't bump into many people so my social life in SL has become more and more constricted. It was a breath of fresh air to go and visit and chat with some one new! So important tip for SL.. write a profile that works for you :)