Sunday, May 31, 2009

By bed time

A little more progress.. I won't yell yet.. but the roof is.. not straight forward.

Progress Report from the Last Day of May

About 5 minutes after the last photo... the roof vanished...
I pressed one of the god keys on my key board.. not delete, accident.. and the roof was gone. I don't know if it was "Alt + send it to the end of the earth" or "shift+ control + remove all earthly and ether traces" but it was gone.
I know people say to take copies along the way. But I was avoiding linking it... and then it was gone.
So I started almost from scratch.. again... and have worked away ..again.. and here I am so far.

Getting along ok.
As I said to Taz, in some ways the set backs don't bother me too much. I enjoy building. And once the project is over, I go into decline. I mope and wallow. I shop and buy dresses. Slowing down the building process is not so bad really.

Friday, May 29, 2009

It Begins Again

New project time!
I am building a Victorian federation house. Victorian as in state of Australia Victorian. Feels like I am back in over my head again.. and this time I am doing the octagons instead of the hexagons.
Ahhh.. but isn't the real house a beauty?
When done, I will replace Heppi's house in Southend.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Building Blitz

I was on line and available! So for the first time in ages I got to the building blitz.
I seem to have lost my hand at it though as I only managed to sneak up from last place of last time to 9th :(
Oh well I like what I built anyway.
The theme was
"Rat Race"
Audrey looks over the potential mounts before the race... and chooses Number 1. She rides like the wind, skirts billowing....

A rider-less rat tries to compete....

Audrey streaks to the front....a moral victory

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Further developments

A little more building to keep my mind busy and my hands from being idle... I have built a cover for some of the wharf to match the Bournville House. Then the moon came up! I was telling a visitor to Southend that I love to watch the moon.. and then we were not able to see it at all! I am so glad to find out I didnt imagine it!

Friday, May 22, 2009

and further refinement

Last update for day...

Progress and Comparison

Yes there has been some!
Quite a lot actually!

I have found some textures that I will work with to finish this but so far, I think I am doing ok. With the two side by side for the first time, I can see a few differences. My veranda roof has less slope. That makes mine a little harder round the edges and less cuddly. However getting the slope, taper and outer edge the right combination of sizes is not easy, so I think I will leave well enough alone.
After I blogged the other Night I got an IM from Jorge Serapis who then sent me a Shape Gen.
This is a fantastic free tool. It lets you post in your radius, number of sides, thickness and height of walls and tilt... and then rezzes it for you. Works brilliantly but it does not in-fill the holes with it didn't work for the roof, though I did use it for the seats around the lower edge.
IM me if you want a copy. It is worth having.
RL calls.. I must away.. cant wait to finish texturing and build it a front door :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Progress report

Yes.. there has been progress..
Just as I prepared to throw in the towel, I have kinda tumbled onto a way to get this sorted a bit.
I do fear I am going to have trouble with zinging texture flicker, but am preparing to throw some prims at crack covering :))
So, this is what I have come up with so far....

then again, maybe not...

oh dear...
I am playing with the angles required to get the veranda roof right on the rest house.
oh dear...
Shakes head...
Thinks this is going to need some modifications!

(I entered) well I stuck the photo up...
I dont want to win exactly but I might cry if absolutely no one votes for me. Taz will you vote for me please?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Did, doing and will do...

I promised that I wouldn't blog the dresses.... and will try hard not to post a picture.. but will quietly mentioned that a very Queenie Auds has been seen hopping around sl for the last few days and can be found on slexchange.

Having finished that outfit off and boxed it up, the question is what next?
Tonight I have just messed around. It has been a while since I went dress shopping and as I heard Miss Wunderlich talking in Steelhead, I thought I would revisit her shop. Seems to be something I do atthe end of project runs.

She is running a photo comp so to kill time I have played a long with a quick version of myself.

Then while talking with Taz we discovered a photo of the Bournville rest house. I think it will be what I do next! Cute, huh?

Friday, May 15, 2009

cant help myself

I just cant.. I know I said no more dress blogging.. but I just cant help it....
Here is today's play time. I have popped the vendor boards into the railway station at Southend as well.
ahhhh next one will! I think red.. or..... mmmm purple!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Catherine Moppet

Ahhh I am going to have to stop blogging dresses.. or this is going to get repetitive.. but can I do one last one?
This picture shows the frame I have made to put it up for display in the Steelhead shop.
The dress is a Tudor Tiny. Catherine is her name after Aragon, Howard and Parr. My favourite bit of history reading as a teenager!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The news is good.....

There is no cancer!

One of those times when I felt happy in an academic way but a little too shell shocked initially to feel anything but exhausted.
But it is wonderful fabulous news and Audrey put on a party frock and blew up balloons to celebrate.

Meanwhile I continue to fool around on the building at Steelhead. I have popped up a couple of simplified dresses on manequins and have used up the vast majority of the prims I have allotted. Ahhh what a familiar tune :))

Monday, May 11, 2009

Building Building Building

I have been keeping myself busy .. extremely busy.
I have not at all been sure of what I am doing with the land at Steelhead. It seemed sort of sad that I was neglecting it.. so today I put together 2 thoughts.
Thought 1. I am enjoying making tiny dresses
Thought 2. What building should I build next? and
Thought 3. What to do with Steelhead....
Ahh three thoughts. Not two.
Oh well actually when it comes down to it I was actually thinking of a whole lot more as well. Tomorrow the results come back from Pathology. But that is another story completely!

I spent the afternoon building a shop to replace the light house in Steelhead. I regret taking the light house down as it is quite my favourite building. But the shop is bright and cheerful and open. I need a bit of that.

While building I talked with Eleanor and she gave me some clues on a name and I massaged it a little and I have now a business name for tiny things. My immediate plans are obviously Tiny Dresses. But I can imagine making a few bits of furniture and so on eventually.

Then I spent the evening making vendor boards. As the evening progressed I improved a little and if I totally run out of things to do I will go back and re-do the early evening ones. (So unlikely it is laughable to even suggest this :)

Anyway it was a good way to keep my mind busy and I am happy with the results. If you want to check out the work to date, here is the SLURL

Sunday, May 10, 2009

More Distractions

Another Dress
More distractions.
Mother's Day
Two days to go.

Littlest prefers Audz Mubble as she likes the sheep the most. This dress is a bit cute but I think Audz Mubble looks best in the pink with flowers on her head :)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Dress Making

I have been dress making

Making tiny dresses for tiny ladies

I think they are pretty cute.
And I am keeping myself busy til Tuesday


In the beginning, I walked into sl to escape.
My RL had hit a low and I wasn't so interested in participating in it.
Since then my rl has shimmied back and forth but yesterday I needed to hide in sl for an hour. I seriously needed a place for my brain to hide.
In a sandwich of time between two doctor visits for one of my kids, I needed company. Hellava Hallabaloo let me swear at him.
I swore and I textured, then we went back to the docs.... and now we wait.....

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Pet Hate

Here is something that I really hate:
SL is full of actual people. SL is not the Sims. So it bothers me intensely when RL thinks they can walk into or phone into my time and expect me to immediately stop SL and turn my full attention to them.
Please! I am in a room with friends. I can not, and will not walk out of the room without so much as a goodbye and in some cases, I will not walk out of a room of my friends if it not is the right thing to do under the circumstances.
SL society and social situations are real.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tiny Time Again

Not up to much tonight. I have made a little gingham dress for myself. I think it makes me look fat.
Tsk tsk
I have popped it into a box and left it in Heppi's house in case anyone else wants a little bit of an Alice dress.
I thought I might play Primtionary, but when I last popped by there was no one there... and the schedule of events says 10:30 : 5am Primtionary. Quite confusing. So rather than sitting there looking like a dill I have gone home to hop around and consider going to sleep. Goodnight!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Heading Home

I am at the airport in Brisbane, ready to head home!
I am soooo tired. I have mixed feelings about my trips away. Leaves me a bit short of Audrey talk!
I have been running a stall at a craft fair. During our nights of shared accommodation, I talked to my colleagues about my Second Life. Naturally they now think I am barking mad. I am only surprised it took til then. Shrugs!
Good thing about the blog though is that i could drag them to the site and give them at least a glimpse of what it was about. I was trying to explain the nature of customising appearances, so it turned out very handy that recently I blogged my skin shopping story :)
ahhh... well in a couple of hours I will be home and after some catch up sleep, back in my second home :)
See you there!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Away From Home

I have just snuck into a booth at the craft fair where they are featuring craft blogs. Surely Audrey Building is a craft? Art? Something. Certainly the slogan "Living Creatively" fits in nicely!
I had a quick glimpse at my emails and have collected 50 SL emails in 4 days. In amongst that is quite a few from SLexchange as a few of my buildings have been bought.
I don't sell a lot so it is still a little thrill when they do. And in the week's list is the new castle Yay!
This is my lunch 45 seconds, so now I check the spelling (inadequately no doubt) and post!!
See you all soon!