Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Caledon Frock, Victoriana Forest

I have been building just a little.
Jay is raising money to run the mines in Caledon. As he is on the look out for gifts to be donated for the treasure hunt, I have made a tiny Caledon outfit.
I took the outfit out for a little walk through my nearby forest. It was raining when I set out but the rain cleared and moon was shining through the leaves in shafts of light.
I wonder what the colours for Victoriana are! I could make a dress for it too.

Tilba Grove

This is me moving into my new home in Victoriana Forest.
I have squeezed and pushed and added prims to one of my older buildings, Gingerbread Cottage. It is now a tiny home. Room for Taz and I to sit by the fire or have a big friend or two join us in the music room. My treadle sewing machine waits for me to find time to sew again.
When I was building a year ago, the main aim was prim limitation. I would build a room with one prims, hollowed out and a doorway. These days, the crazy camera behavior in a hollowed out cube is not worth the few prims saved so I replaced all the hollowed prims with fine and proper ones and now it is much easier to navigate the camera aound the house.

Building outside is something of a challenge.
My camera is forever caught on the planes of a tree.
Still, I will put up with that because it means I live in a beautiful tree filled grove.
Can't wait to show you some more pictures as i wander around the sim!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

More News!

I was asking Miss Peaches about the lack of dawn and she mentioned that she was selling her plot in the forest.. next thing I know she has taken over my plot and will sell it instead, and I am living on the side of a stream, opposite a water fall in the best place in Victoriana!
Photos to come!

Friday, October 23, 2009


I have bought a plot in Victoriana Forrest! I told you I liked it there!
Now I have a little slice!
I like that Victoriana is a bit tidier than Caledon and I like that there are dots around in the ozzie hours! I like that it is smaller. I like playing in the games room in my ozzie evening. I like having a new project that is just for the fun of it, nothing commercial.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fogwoman Gray and Vivito Volare

I met Miss Fog and Mr Volare while helping to build the Caledon exhibit for SL5BD. Mr Volare was the coordinator and Miss Fog his right hand woman.
Since then they have treated me to a few snippets of the story of their relationship which began in SL and is to continue in RL with them being married this week.
Two kind, generous people meeting and sharing interests.
It is something I watch with interest, the blossoming of an Internet friendship into a RL relationship.
It isn't something I find much acceptance of in the "real world" but I think that really it is only a matter of time before it is sufficiently common that people forget that ever there was a doubt about the validity of these relationships.
The Internet, like RL is full a mix of people. That part isn't different. Meeting and getting to know someone via TXT and not physical appearance is different. And the moment when you meet the physical person you think you already "know"... that has to be nerve wracking!
Vito and Fog have been there, done that! And on Thursday they marry!
I think anyone who knows them would agree it couldn't happen to nicer people. I wish them every scrap of happiness!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Not.... lonely

My sl has changed
No two ways about it
My rl is busier. And my SL is spent mostly on my own building.
Chatting in IM I hear from Xavier and Jayleden. I listen to ISC and throw in my few bobs worth at random, but I am not where I was 12 months ago when I felt myself in the depths of good friendships.
Is it my fault? have I isolated myself? Is it just the nature of things? Is it a change throughout SL?
I don't know, but it isn't the same anymore.
I miss the people who used to pop by to say hi.
The neighbourhood feeling of Winterfell has never eventuated in Caledon.

It seems the Southend corner is being visited often enough by strangers looking at my homes. But not my friends looking for me.

Not about to launch into a valley of tears as there is so much more going on in my life besides SL but I do pause and reflect and hanker for some aspects of the good old times. Only some mind you :P

Friday, October 16, 2009


I have fallen in love with a new collection of sims: Victoriana. I visited there first over a year ago when the first sim was fresh and new and haven't had time to go back to investigate. I went off to to see the Frankston house that was bought and placed there and i am quite taken with the place.
I roamed around in the Forest sim completely lost. i have gone back again and again and i still have no way of telling where I am. I would love to own a little place in that sim.
Meanwhile, I cant afford to. I would have to sell off one of the 4 in Caledon or the shop in Raglan and i cant quite decide to do either of those, so I have rented a small shop in Tinytoriana. I am really enjoying both the scenery and the company I have bumped into there.

I have rented the shop on the corner here and have filled it with tiny clothes. I have been having fun with tiny Halloween. This is me in my Bloody Erzsebet Moppet outfit

Friday, October 2, 2009

Dress making once more

I have a completely meaningless way of filing textures.... by month. It is hopeless if I need something unless I remembner when I made it, however, i do know when i made them if I can find them :)
So I happen to know that I haven't made any dress textures for a month. Amazing!

Well today, without actually feeling like I have been stuck into it, I have been stuck into it!
I have made two styles for Halloween. A punkin dress and a spider dress so far.
The spider dress is called Charlotte Moppet, as I was thinking of Charlotte's Web and the punkin one has a little punkin beret on her head :)

Heart and Head

I have both
Sometimes they trouble me
I would like to lay them in your hands and lap
and rest, ok?

Thursday, October 1, 2009

heart and head

I have both
Sometimes they trouble me
I want to put bread on my lap and wait for pigeons to come and eat
(the bread, not me)