Friday, February 29, 2008

Keeping up with events!

I have so many photos of the doings that I am starting to fall behind in my blogging!
First something that excites me more than the book reading Lukos took me to...
I have been asked to host a display in Aurofil land. Aurofil is a thread company that has a Second Life presence.

AlexVeronellie Auer has set up a huge display of threads and crafts and has asked representatives from the SL community to set up a display in the adjoining complex.
So I have set up a little display of quilts in my area. Alex has set me up with boards to direct people from SL to the Blogs for RL.

I got myself to NCI in time for the Newbies Show and Tell. Mr Randt's fading staircase was a knock out of ingenuity but the winner, for home comforts was Lorimae's lounge setting.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Busy Day

Oh dear.
I have been in SL for a lot of hours today!
Started the morning with Lukos who was keen to get the temporary rezzer working. Blood sweat and tears... and after some thinking, we have a successful rezzer! ("We" in the so far as he made it and it lives in my house!). I was an observer only and almost out of depth at that! It lets my mouse carriage, with its 105 prims sit out being projected, so to speak, by a single prim. Aley has told me not to trust the rezzer. Apparently with no warning, it can break and fill the house with mice. Interesting!! I am not sure how bad that would be. Would be staggeringly funny I think. But then Grandma Bates warned that she has been called in to deal with sever script failures.. so maybe I don't want to go there after all.

Having accomplished that, Lukos was keen to deal with the next project. Build a deck (as I call it). The deck was built and we sat on it to admire. Although we posed for photos, I have used the ones that show the deck after a lick of paint.

Then I met neighbour, Bromo who mentioned the possibility of an island party. Yes please! Bromo appeared at first in a fearsome costume for a Dune role playing sim. A quick change, and suddenly I had a regular av in my lounge room.

Sarinah dropped by to chat and Lukos got steadily more and more tired. After all it was heading towards dawn in his neck of the woods.
Finally he went to sleep after getting me to promise to fix the clock and make a chair for the porch (as he calls it). Slave driver.

The chair was made, without much fuss and here I am sitting on it.
The clock took a bit more time. So I took my pendulum parts and headed to NCI, Kuula.

Rowan had started a disco and I was just in the mood so while the body got down, the brain got stuck into the pendulum. Results! I had a pendulum that swung and some disco photos to blog! Seen in various poses are Welli, Rowan, Bev, me and Visciouspen.
That would count as enough for a day, but wait there's more!
I got home, installed the pendulum and thought to myself.. needs to tick. Quick search and a vendor was located. And as well as a tick-tock sound, the vendor had chimes. I flew back home and it's all installed. So now the clock tocks, ticks, swings and dings! Nice!

Then Xavier announced himself back after his holiday so I pootled over to NCI for a chat, ran into more of my favorite people as Aley and Grandma Bates were there too.
Really nice day with great people... but just look at the time on that clock!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Across the night...

In the words of Molly Meldrum, do yourself a favour and go and listen to:

wish I could pipe this into my house!

Monday, February 18, 2008


I love show and tell.. but I don't get to play that any more at NCI because of work hours....
So for show and tell, I have to abduct innocent victims and drag them to Wyre.

Today I dragged Sandplum and Visciouspen to see my house and sit in my garden. They said all the right things and I hope they come again!
The subject of conversation was " to have a real life picture or not in profile". What do you think?

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Feelin Shallow

Deep and meaningfuls.. had quite a lot of them in SL- but right now I am feeling shallow.
I am in love with this suit.

I finally brought in some money to SL to have some discretionary spending... and last night I went shopping. I love the suit. I could take myself on a date with it. I did get to dance in it with Lukos at Erasmus and Autopilotpatty's wedding. Lucky Lukos ;)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

St Valentines Day Bash

St Valentine's Day Party at NCI
As the otherhalf was having a turn on the pc when the party kicked off and I lay sick in bed with a cold, I figured I was going to miss the gala event!

I crawled out of bed with barely 5 minutes to go, donned the beautiful dress that Skye Qi had as a Saint Val's freebie... and made it for what was supposed to be the last three minutes!
Actually, the party was still humming when I arrived and it was so worth the effort.
The organisers.. and I am not sure who they all were but I know that Gramma, Bev and Zi all played a part, had done a great job.

I got there just in time for the best dressed competition but feeling a bit poorly, I thought it would more fun to watch than to compete. Everyone looked fantastic.. but I guess I appreciate the effort that the guys put in. Getting dressed up in a pretty dress doesn't need rewarding!

On the floor is Brace- in a faint after hearing that she and Welly had won the best Dressed.
P.S And Visciouspen, centre with hearts balloons, can second in the men's category.

Friday, February 15, 2008

St Valentine's Day and such

It is a mad, mad world!
Poor Visciouspen failed to take top place with his lovely St Valentine's day chair at the NCI newbie builder blitz tonight. But luck had not entirely left him! As he sat waiting for Miss Right to arrive, who should appear but... Mecha!

A closer look at his face though, revealed that Visciouspen was not altogether pleased with his prize.

There was at least one Ozzie rolling around laughing.
However with wonderful Beverly to keep a gentle hand on the shuddering rudder of NCI, things were soon rectified and Sandplum rose victoriously into his arms to swing gracefully around the mall boards.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Another Day

Another day in Second Life!
Seems like I have been burning the candle at both ends. Lots of real life work and many hours of Second Life doesn't leave a lot over for sleeping.
When Otenth first ceeded me my town plot, he renamed it Fotherington Gardens. Since then I had failed to give it much thought. Recently however I obtained a cherry blossom tree with particles of falling blossoms.
I am in love with these trees.
So I laid out a platform and put trees along the edge and a row of flowers too. Noice!

I have had to run a major chair repair campaign. No doubt someone knows why a sit function will work one day and not the next, but that person isn't me. I have to admit that I have not spent much time with visitors in my house so I hadn't tested any of the chairs since I first spread them around. A surprise visit by Lukos and Sarinah turned embarrsssing when I had nothing to offer but cubes for sitting! Humph.
Fact: Apparently three people means camping ground. A fourth person joined us and attempted to raise money by camping on Rusty the guard corgi. I love Second Life! Why doesn't anyone camp on Real Life Rusty?
So I have had a personal blitz. Theme- chairs.
Cushions on floor, chairs and a park bench on my other bit of land leaves me with significantly better entertaining options. Viewing Lukos's back as he lies smothered on the bed.. not so good, even if he is comfortable listening to the music that pipes into my house.
Otherhalf has spent a few nights listening to ridiculous options to replace the streamed music. So far, Otenth's choice appears to be superior.
I took some really pretty pictures of Lukos and I sitting under the trees on the new bench however Lukos was having a bad hair day so I won't post them. Be grateful, boy! However I reckon that this is the perfect place to sit, watch the sun set, share souls and suggest greater Audrey content for blogs.
Fact: There is a point when there can be too much Audrey in a blog.
I keep thinking I have attended my last Building Blitz, only to find opportunity to sneek in one more. I worked too much over the weekend and when things went quiet yesterday, I decided I needed an early mark to do some chores. I was pretty chuffed to find that even after the chores were done, I was able to get to the NCI oldies blitz. Theme... Games.
So I built a slot car set. I really struggled with two things. I couldn't target the tiny cars and making the wire cords was a complete pain. Third prize though was excellent and my kitty now has rent for two months as long as I don't buy anything else in that time. No texture uploads. No clothes. No buying sounds. I don't think I will make it! LOL
Just before dinner last night, I had 10 minutes to spare before I needed to start cooking so I tp-ed to Aley's sim. There is always something there to explore. So I was in the pirates lair and thought I would give the toilet a go. ROFLOL. The toilet was not happy to have an occupant and threw me across the room!
Next thing I know, I am sitting on the sink, and a rocket powered bus pulled up at the window and tooted. Aley had arrived. I love Second Life!
Pity I had to go and cook dinner as our chat had to be short, but Aley gave me a few tips to try to float my boat. Not enough though. I got the sit fixed, but when I hop in, the boat rolls 90 degrees. Then we can sail around sideways with me underwater. Funny as anything but I would like to look less stupid if possible.
Final photo is of the curious question asker... met him at NCI and he was full of questions. Including where I lived.
Of course I was happy to show him lovely Wyre. The photo also gives you an idea how much better my images are now that I have the band width to deal with the graphics available.

P.S. He had no idea who I was when I next saw him! A lasting impression, obviously.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Water Sports

More fun in SL I went surfing.... but discovered the bikini in my inventory was just a smigeon short on fabric, so I surfed in capris! Next spot of fun is boating. I am trying to build a boat. I have a dress to wear but that is as far as I have got. Meanwhile I will pretend in some one else's boat!

Parade at Caledon

I am hopeless with dates in RL. The confusion that is added by SL running 19 hours behind Ozzie Eastern Summer, makes it even harder for me to figure when I am missing something!
Today I got lucky and was on line to be reminded to attend the float parade at Caledon. The 72 people in the sim with floats gave lag a whole new meaning.

Magnificent turn out that my photos do not do justice to!
You can see me in the foreground with gift hat and flag... no actually the flag is buried in my skirt.. but I did have one!

Well done everyone and thanks for the entertainment!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Look Up in Aley's Sim

Talking to Aley the other day, she dropped the line that i should look up next time I visit her sim!

Profoundly good advice!

What's more- there were two levels above what I looked at still to be populated.

Going through the gas cloud I emerged at a place that felt like I had just stumbled across one of Arthur C Clarke's monoliths.

Rama revealed?

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Lighthouse Beam

Aim: Install lighthouse light with rotating beam
Resources: Linden Building tools, free scripts from NCI and the human resources at NCI
Action: Take particles scripting class. Learn how to script a beam of light. Install and add script for rotation.
Project Status: Completed

Ha! As if it would be that easy.

I took the class and it was a lot of fun, but it did not cover making steady beam of light. Neverthe less I learnt that there were plenty of parameters to explore. So I did. For a day. Without success.
Marious then gave me a hand. With a copy of his green lazer, I stood on the hill at Wyre and spent another day. Still I did not have a crisp beam of light. I am now facing the likehood that particles never were the way to go!

So I decided to skip the particles and instead use a textured cone with a texture animation script. Tadah! Very acceptable.

Installed it. Happiness! I stood on the ground and appreciated the view. Then I ran up the stairs to enjoy the view from the top.
I couldn't get off the ramp. Thud..... thud.... I flew up a bit and was able to manuever out onto the deck, but then I couldn't walk around the deck.
I looked. Thought. Worried. Then noticed that someone was at Nox's so I flew over for some advice.
We considered it likely that it was the ghost of bits I had just moved around and Nox suggested asking Otenth to restart the sim.

Oblidgingly, he did.
But it didn't work. I IMed Aley but she was off line. I dragged Corcosman over to check that I wasn't imagining it.

More thinking. I decided that it seemed that the computer was somehow remembering where the beam sat in edit mode, even though it was now rotating. So I uninstalled it. And yes I could move easy once more. More thinking. If I make the beam a phantom... then it shouldn't do it again.


It worked. Shortly after, Aley IMed me with the explanation.

It turns out that this script for rotation is client based only. It is seen to be moving, but in fact the object is where it was left rezzed. So making it a phantom is the only way to go!
Of course everyone I dragged into this probably would have expected that I had made it a phantom in the first place...but I didn't know! Honest! I need a course in when to use the various categories of prim. Something like "From Physical to Phantom"

Don't you feel sorry for those people I drag into these adventures? In the interests of my belief in "passing it on", feel free to contact me if you would like a free, functioning lighthouse beam!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Aley Arai's Entire Space Sim!

One of the things that has been really wonderful in NCI has been sitting at the feet, figuratively, of some of the best of Second Life's people.
At the top of our heap sits Aley!
Aley has been a wonderful patient teacher and helped me so much in my laggy days. I know that if I had been in her shoes the day she helped me with sit targets I would have ground all my teeth to stumps. My lag was killing me and I had no idea that I was actually doing it mostly right and failing because of the lag. Aley stuck with me until it all sorted. When she first told me about her sim I rushed over and got stuck in the lift. I tried again. Same thing. I couldn't get the images to load quickly enough to negotiate the trucker's stop.

Just when I was about to give up I met Aley after shouting a "hello" into the sim. Aley loaded me into her space ship and at last I was seeing this magnificent place! She was dragging me through. My slowed computer didn't have to predict... just stream what was being seen.
As you know, my lagging is behind me now. I actually suspect I am doing better than average in SL. Since then I have been back a couple of times, travelling under my own steam.

What a wonder. The textures and the detail are gobsmacking. Aley has already told me I need to "look up" next time I go.... so I think it is safe to say that this is a sim that is going to need to be a regular landmark to watch it evolve under her wonderful hands.