Saturday, February 28, 2009

"More news!".. or alternative title "Prim Fever"

Miss Reghan
mmmm. I saw dots at Miss Reghan's hat shop in Southend and went to investigate. A moving sale! The gears whirl in my mind as I consider the likely sequence of events.. Miss Reghan moves her business, block comes up for sale, I ponder the prims, waivers undecided and misses the chance. Much like I did when Wrath was moving to his sim, I jumped in early and went straight to Miss Reghan so I could start my thinking before it was advertised. Next thing I know I have bought it. Blimey! hmmm So.. I am thinking of selling my Steelhead house. Too much spending going on once more. And again I am finding the split of spare prims between two sims a sad waste. Is my gorgeous light house in Steelhead. I am happy to consider offers with and without the light house but actually, I don't even know how land sales in Steelhead are conducted so I am not positive what to do about it right now!

Part two of my messing around in the last 24 hours has been another invitation to wear one of Reghan's hats.
A choice of pillbox or beret.

As I tend to prefer more manish Victorian gear, I thought the pillbox would be the better choice for me.

So the process goes like this: choose a hat, figure some clothes to go with it, then get hat to suit hair, hop into huge velvet sphere, stand on pose stand, have photo taken, chat for an hour...

None of my dresses really suited the hat. I thought hard, toyed with my Edward suits that I am fond of, then plucked this one form inventory because some time when I wore it, I had the presence of mine to change the name to something that indicated that last time I wore it, I approved.
This is one from Bare Rose.

Then to hair.. needed something that wouldn't obscure the hat. I needed to mod the hair a little as that seemed easier than tipping the hat too much around. So good not to have to worry about hat hair like you do it rl :)

Once that was all sorted, it was time for photos.

Below, you see me inside the big velvet sphere sitting on the pose stand. And Miss Reghan outside taking photos.
She flipped the button a few times till I was just so and then in no time at all she had a photo.

Then there was nothing left to do, but talk her legs off.... a slightly more time consuming job!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

There were monsters

No one warned me!
There are monsters at Caledon Oxbridge!
At first, I thought that the roofs of Oxbridge had merely been appointed with ghoulish gargoyles.
But as I watched the gruesome creatures took to the air.
Innocent of their intent, I made no attempt to conceal my presence from them.. to my peril!
Next thing I knew, I was being born away in the mouth of this hideous creature.

With all my strength I struggled against the beak and claws until finally I broke free.

My dress torn, my hair a mess, but otherwise unscathed, I retreated quickly to watch what those vile creatures did next.

The ghastly creature returned to its post..and became stone once more.
Let these images be a warning to you!


Wrong Song!
Hope you enjoyed it, but this is the one I really intended to play!

A song I found

I was hunting through You Tube for a John Butler song I like and found this one... I think I have a new favourite song...
ahhh.. I sigh...
ready to be obsessed with something else for a little while

Thursday, February 19, 2009


I guess I didn't land in Steelhead with as much noise as I have landed at my other homes.
I have chronicled the various moves I have made around sl and how I ended up living in Caledon Southend. Now I just need to add how the circle has been completed with my arrival in Steelhead :)
Back when I first went house hunting I found a block of land at Wyre and a block of land at Steelhead. I was torn. Couldn't decide which way to jump.
I met Krystine Qinan while I was wandering around and she invited me along to one of the Steelhead town meetings. What an outrageous event that was. I had never seen anything so funny in sl.

I cant even rem
ember what decided me in the end. I loved the community at Steelhead, but Wyre had a quiet wildness. I chose Wyre. History happens, I moved and moved, and ended up in Caledon.
In the lead up to Christmas, I was feeling a little overwhelmed by Southend. So much going on, so many people passing by. I loved it, but I needed a little space. I guess I was also feeling a bit confined after being used to the freedom and space of Fathom. Anyhow, I heard on the wind that a new sim was being added to Steelhead, and there is some charm in being an early settler so I found myself a spot and waited for it to be ready. Meanwhile I ran home to Southend, erected a sky platform and began building a light house. You can see a picture of it in the blog entry for 30th January.Soon as the block was ready I dropped the light house on it and there it is, looking mighty handsome in my opinion.
Since the end of Christmas crazy, I dont seem to need the Steelhead house so much and have turned it into a shop. Today someone bought the first thing from it!
Another first- today I got myself to the town meeting. This is the first time I have managed to stay for a whole meeting as normally I am at work.
The meeting is chaired by Fuzzball, who I think deserves a medal.

Let me say this: They are stark raving mad
I have nothing further to add.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Gardening in Southend

Dear Readers... I am tired.. I have had a stomach upset and I think I may actually be incoherent. I may have another stab at writing this, or maybe I on at your own risk!

I have had gardens in my SL. But I tend to prefer a more rugged, sparse landscape. Flick back through these bloggings and you will see what I have called a garden up til now.
But since acquiring a tiger, it has become plain that my sparse gardens do not compensate for the forests he has had to give up.

So it was time to create a garden fit for a tiger.
I ran all over sl. Hunting high and low, near and far for low prim plants. I have few enough prims left in Caledon in any case, and I wanted this to be just right! I built the garden with the funds I raised building the Newfoundland village... Photos and story to come on that too!
One of my favourite things was garden poofers. I have three sorts... flower poofers, growing lawn poofers and dandelion poofers. :) they are just tooo cute.
I really enjoy watching new plants welling from the ground and to see butterflies and dandelions drifting around my home.
I loved watching the tiger explore the new garden.

ohhhhhhh cute

And as a birthday present there is a special tiger tree that also works quite fine for leopards :)

But most of all I am glad to see the tiger make himself at home.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bushfires and Hats

We are still in shock here after the weekend's shocking fires in Victoria. Impossible to comprehend the impact this is going to have on the survivors, the fire fighters and police, and so many families' lives. Just impossible.
Reghan Straaf from Hatpins is doing her bit to help the survivors and has offered her most popular hat, the Endora for sale with proceeds going to the Australian Red Cross Bushfire Relief Fund.
I have two of this hat already but not the purple trimmed one that is being offered for this cause, and I was very pleased to be able to do this tiny thing.

Here is the SURL
so that if you like you can buy this beautiful hat too.
Thank you Reghan!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Quiet Times

I have been busy since I got home. I have rushed and built and talked and played and been having a fair bit of fun I will confess.
But tonight I have had a quiet evening.

Yes I built
Yes I talked and
Yes I had a bit of fun...
but tonight it was a low key, taking it easy night. I spent some time sitting at my dock, thinking and fiddling with various things.

I wandered across the grid, enjoying some of the quieter places. I made my way to the gorgeous gardens of Wanderstill, Ode. But as I wandered lonely as a cloud I found myself not so much among the daffodils, as fields of cornflowers...