Monday, April 26, 2010

Bunnies For Sale

So.. I spent the weekend obsessing about rabbits The bottom line is.. I now know a bit more about it, but the pricing seems quite inconsistent across the grid. Tonight I just TPed over and again. My goal was to try to understand how the prices apply. What the hierarchy of rareness is. To find a pattern. Didn't discover it. There are a couple of things that were obviously highly sought after such as HOTOT (eyeliner bunnies) and Castor.. and a couple of others that I couldn't afford even think about but after that.. then what? Seems two floppy ears are more valuable than one. So I go home .. and I have some. White shiny bunnies attract more advertising... have some of those... A few colours in the Rex line.. tick Jewel eyes.. almost a compulsory for me after my first reckless purchases. I see that black has been retired so maybe it will be scarcer.. they certainly look stunning. So I invest in a couple.. get home to find I already had some. I didn't spend much on any of them except one white so I don't know. Maybe I am just an exceptional shopperer?? I have littered my sims with bunnies. I think I will have to build some kind of book case as I am now completely confused about what I have and where they are :) meanwhile, you can find bunnies for sale at Caledon Downs and Caledon Southend

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Moving.. Again..

The more I move, the less it seems an upheaval!
Back when Victoriana perished, I was suddenly homeless and just a tad freaked out.
I threw out my arms looking for somewhere to clutch and scrambled. First thing I heard was that Caledon Rocbranagh was in the making, then I left a note card with Des asking about land in general and Rocbranagh in particular, then I heard that there was a block going at Tangelwood. I know I have mentioned all this before, but really, I am making excused for what is going to seem like an unsteadiness of mind!
You know I bought into Tanglewood and then Caledon Downs? And I am all settled into each?
I built a house for Tangelwood. Fooled around, re-textured it. Settled it into the landscape and now I need to sell it!
Rocbranagh is almost ready!
Des called for Magdalena's attention in chat yesterday... and then mine. Turns out we were 2nd and 3rd on the list of names for the new sim. Martini, the one designing the sim was first.
At first I was thinking "Oh no, what if Magda chooses the one I want?". However after a fly round the island, I could see that 1st and second choice would be so close in attractiveness, I wasn't in need of worry!
In fact, Magda didn't pick either of them, so I got my first choice. Huzzah

Bonus! Magda was in two minds about needing a full block, so the deal was struck. She was to have half a block and i am to have 1.5 blocks! Even better, more prims!
So I am ready to pack up Tangles and not completely mortgage myself for Caledon Tiers :)

The thing I was looking for was what I loved most about fathom and then Southend... sun and moon sets....TICK!
Very happy arrangement.

Bunnies Take Over My Mind

I said I wouldn't
I did
It began like this

Now...out of control

Bunnies Everywhere!
I am now breeding and selling the babies off cheaply to try and pay off an expensive Saturday!
Photo coming of bunny stall!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I have been pottering around in Second Life today. Not rushing to finish a project but just having a bit of a mental wander. I have been doing some gardening at Caledon Downs and I think that the block is really looking quite nice now.
Down by the house, below the veggie patch I have a workspace where I can propagate seeds and pot up the iris when they need to be split form the sets in the garden.
I have been spending quite a lot of time lately on Moppet dresses and in my absence, a spider took up residence on my trowel. Taz, being a pom and unused to their company, has a reluctance to share his spaces with spiders but I am quite happy with them. I left the spider alone and went about my business.
I will wander round the garden tonight, check that all is in order, then head down to Tanglewood and finish the house there.

Tentacular Moppet

All that scripting fuss for this.. worth the lesson at least....

Monday, April 19, 2010


The silly eyes are out of Synch again :)
sighs and goes hunting for scripts once more

Not a Lot..Actually this gets quit long..but not Much of Interest

What's been happening?
Not a lot.
I have been away and working so my SL has been more like my 3rd or 4th

But I am holidays now for a few days, and while I still have to make a block for this month's MBOM quilt (it will have owls.. lots of them) I do plan to spend a good portion of time in SL.
Yesterday I decided it was time to work on some scripting.

I have made a tiny dress with flowing tentacles for the skirt and decided it needed something to wear with it on my head. So.. Googly eyes on curly eye stalks seemed the way to go!

More and more I am working on going a little further with my building. Keeping up with the crowds of people in SL making things. The people I admire are constantly moving the goals and while sometimes I don't feel in the mood to keep learning, essentially I don't want to be left behind.

So! If I am making googly eyes, simple balls on sticks are not going to be enough. I wanted them to wink.

Ahhhh well I could skip the bit where it took me hours. Looking up scripts in the wiki, going through all the scripts in my inventory and trying to see how I might do this. But then there really wouldn't be anything here to read.

A fun script I have used in the past has a torus close its hole on touch. What I wanted was a sphere that opened and closed its dimple on a timer. What I hadn't realised I wanted was for that to happen simultaneously for as many eyes as I chose to give myself.

So I needed a script to control the parameters and a script to act as a timer. And to work out how to put the two together as I don't understand the grammar of LSL. (Jo: if you are still reading this blog, scripts are the programs that make the chunks of graphics do stuff in SL).

I stared at a lot of scripts. Trying to find the patterns. Trying to see what I needed and where I should substitute. The change params was in the LSL wiki and was much more useful than the torus one I stared at for ages.
I needed that timer still. Finally after a bit of browsing I ended up at a site I have been to before
that generates a script on demand. There are only a few options but one, "move an object" sounded like I would easily be able to identify the timer part of the script and the "move" part and swap in my "change parameters" script.

Blow me down! It worked.
I had a blinking eye.
I copied it.. I had two blinking eyes...... that didn't blink together.

I linked, saved to inventory and hoped that when I rezzed them, they would blink together.
Sure enough they did. Amazing!

Fiddled with the timing to get the blink faster and lost the synchronisation. Bother. Somehow I had deleted the saved working copy. And then spent another hour trying to insert a line of "reset script on rezzing". Which promptly killed the whole thing every time.
.........gnashes teeth.

I came back to SL a few times between domestic chores and finally decided to unlink and relink. One eye had been the prime prim just by accident. I linked it with an unscripted prim being prime, took to inventory......
...... and they are blinking together at last!

I know this stuff is easy for some folk. And I am not writing these things from scratch so I am not any version of a genius. But I do take quite a lot of pride in these achievements. When I went to Uni, the computer sat down the hall in a few rooms by itself. It was a DEC-10
Truth is I had the very slimmest of understanding what I was doing. We were programming the simplest adding of columns of figures. And I was way out of my depth. To me, it was a very inefficient calculator.
After that the nearest thing to a computer in my day to day was an autoteller. I left work after a while, had kids and returned to work which had been transformed in my absence.
Fortunately... very fortunately.. I had got into quilting while out of the workforce, which has a very strong on-line community. So I started playing around on a computer at home. I published patterns which required me to teach myself Word and how to use a graphics program.
So slowly I have been exploring and learning this world that my kids have grown up in and take for granted.
It feels pretty good to make eyes blink.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Gardening in Caledon Downs

When Des passed the parcel to me, he indicated that the block should have a forresty feel to it. That suits me fine though the orignal placement of the trees didn't work for me. The houses seemed to sit separate to the garden rather than in it.

As they were not my trees, I couldn't shift them, so I have returned a couple and replaced them. I am not finished with this place yet but I have a beginning to the kind of place I want it to be. Last time I got to this stage, Victoriana vanished. I hope this time my garden lasts long enough to finish. Long enough for me to spend some time there. Maybe long enough to coax the tiger to visit.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sci Fi Weeks begins

I am still hard at work making Sci Fi tiny stuff.
(That's a joke... there is nothing approaching work about it. I am having a ball!)
Today I made a Tiny Darlink Moppet.
I think the source of my inspiration is clear.

I stood next to some wild space mushrooms thinking about bed for the night and along strolled Gadget Jun. we admired each other's creativity and then I ran home to see myself popped into bed by 10.30. it is 10.29 now, so we will see how long it takes to load a picture and spell check !

Good night!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Under Instructions

I have been told i must post a blog! His regal Highness, the tiger Tzaizqan has insisted that I must blog while he suns himself.
I actually have been so busy I do not have time to blog.
I have been busy making things for the Raglan Sci Fi and Space 4th Birthday celebration. And that means I haven't made any progress at all on the new blocks and moving in and making them look inhabited.
I thought I would for the sake of history, show a shot of each of the places I currently have an interest and why I am chasing my tail!

Raglan's 4th Bday
Because I have a shop in Heron Shire, which is part of Raglan, I get to put a vendor up when they hold special themed events. This works pretty well for me as a tier offset as the sales are generally quite good. The Heron Shire shop is slow business so I am looking at relocating within Raglan. Fingers crossed!!

Heron Shire
Today I was busy building tiny things (Tiny Arthur Moppet and the Balmain Space Buggy) at my completely under-developed block at Caledon Downs. It's my main prim home. Lots of prims to play with.
1100 prims

I still haven't done anything but plonk a house there so that it doesn't look abandoned and I am feeling a little guilty about the look of the place. Still, I was building like a demon to get my tiny things done when I got an IM from Kaye Robiani inviting me to join her new sim Honfleur Harbour.
Honfleur is based on a French Provincial feeling
She has let me set up shop in the store, second from the right. It is very lovely and I am again crossing my fingers and hoping that this is another great opportunity.

I have hardly even had time to whizz by Tanglewood, though I did have a long talk with my neighbour from there, Newbitt. And have had many a chat with my next door neighbour, Valerian. It is very very nice to have chatty people round me once more.

And finally I flew by my home, Caledon Southend to take a photo. I still have it set as home. Funny. A sentimental accident. My original home sim in Caledon has stayed my home sim since I first bought land there as Heppi.
Right now I am chatting away with Muse.. and you know.. it is good to be home

Friday, April 2, 2010

A tail

In a land called Hierophant there was a ram called Ewan.
Something of a talent, he had tried many original and novel ideas with great success and now he had come up with an ambition to become a world explorer.

His many friends encouraged and stood behind him. Ewan, mistaking their enthusiasm for intelligent consideration, was swept away with his plans.
All he needed was a boat and an imagination for the possibilities.

As luck would have it, on the stillest of evenings, under the light of a full moon, a boat washed ashore.

Ewan's friends gathered round while he scuttled on board. His hooves slippery and rattling against the boards of the boat's bottom.

At last he sat while his friends gave him their farewells. Not for a second did he mistake their "bahs" for nay-saying.

Finally, ready to commence his journey, he took a last look at the crowd gathered in the beach and realised that just as there were no hands in that dumb mob to raise in farewell, he too lacked hands to put to the task of rowing.

His friends continued to wish him well as he drifted out into the great blue yonder.......

There are morals here about mobs, sensible ambitions and trusting the bounty of full moons.
Happy Easter

There isnt a hidden story here, I just saw a sheep in a boat and it struck me as wonderful

Thursday, April 1, 2010