Saturday, June 11, 2011


Ahhh I have the hiccups... so I am bobbing in my chair as I type today! Are they a metaphor? In a little while will all the hiccups go away if I am patient?
So it is Saturday morning:
I have sent my dear Taz off to bed and am now fiddling with blogs, bunnies and will soon join D2 in Wizard 101.
I spent a little time at the Pirates and Zombies RFL dance but I simply couldn't locate the donation jar. No idea what kind of blindness I was suffering from!
And now I am uploading a few photos of the progress on the home front. I still haven't received my settlement but the builder has started without even waiting for his payment. Trusting fellow. It is totally exasperating that I can't pay him. I am trying to view it as a hiccup. It will all be good eventually and won't kill me in the meantime!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

RL and SL

Welcome to Suburbia!

This has been excruciatingly slow. I guess everyone who has done it will have their own stories about the difficulties of separating from a spouse. No need then to catalogue mine here. Today I got served notice by the government land authority to finalize the sale in 14 days or else. It's not my fault

Never the less! I am feeling optimistic! I think I should have things sorted before 14 days. I really do! And the builder isn't even going to wait for the land to be in my name! He has paint marks on the ground and an excavator booked to come dig my block.

My dining room is now more than 2 layers deep. I really am ready now. The time it will take to build will be exciting and agonising because I am so ready for the next thing.

SL is really about my 6th life these days. I check the bunnies and pay tier and that's about it. Taking this photo caused me to crash twice.
I gave another online game a shot. This is me as a wizard. It held my attention for a couple of days but honestly without the building component, it just doesn't ring my bells. I have run up and down streets fetching messages for the wizard world and casting spells but... it isn't SL My name in there is Grace Spellsomething or another. Should be Ghrace Spell Badly