Saturday, June 28, 2008


I am accumulating wings. I dont have the perfect outfit to go with them, but I now have a few pretty wings.

Caledon Merry Widows

Audry , me, in Jess hair and Wishbox dress.
Today we had a lovely time!

The widows had a progressive dinner. That means we spent half an hour at each of 5 homes as we worked our way through a Second Life meal.

I have to admit to enjoying myself too much and forgot to take photos.. so here is all I came up with.
It is so lovely to have a chance to be happy in the company of the Caledon Widows. We have all suffered so much with out great losses and the burdens of inherited fortunes.
Of course, when you are as respectable as we are, with good fortune to share, we decided to try our hand at philanthropy. To this end, there are plans for the widows to pose for a calendar for 2009. I have found myself as January!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

One Mid Summer Night

One Sunday morning, a mid summer's night ball was held.

In the dark there were many marvels. Faeries abounded, strange sprites joined the Dance.
Jealous Oberon, Otenth danced and watched over the merrymaking.

We danced on air with out feet touching nothing but occasional bunnies.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Burning Leaf Pub in Southend

Gala, Grand and Opening!
It was to be a bachelor party too... but the bachelor in question is not here, but we are making do with Erasmus Margulis appearing as a pole dancing Santa.
I think my innocence has finally been stripped away along with his red suit.....
Thanks Quinn for the party... had to leave without warning my graphics card vomitted.

Audrey Boleyn

Today I accidentally ended up in Skye Qi's shop.... again!
Really! I had not plans to go looking for dresses.... seriously!
But I did and how wonderful!
The dress put out as a freebie is this one.

I am thrilled.
I have been a HVIII fan for too many years to make public. I have been reading the tales for decades and now I can wear the dress!
Skye just always seems to hit the target for me. I love her dresses and several have appeared in this blog. In fact the Marie Antoinette one from the Rez day ball was one of hers too!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tayra Torricelli's Rez Day ball

Tomorrow morning, at 9 am my time, Miss Tayra Torricelli is having a rez day ball. I believe that the occasion will also celebrate the exchange of promises between her and Mr Showboat. I am so pleased to be attending to wish them both well.
I am also pleased to find just the right clothes lurking in my inventory. In fact, had it not been for this occasion, I suppose I might never have worn them without being over dresses! Mr Showboat has built Miss Tayra a beautiful hall complete with painted ceilings. She is a much love lady, it is clear.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Caledon's Second Life 5th Birthday Display

Before I bought land anywhere, I had fallen in love with Caledon. Caledon is a collection of sims based on a Victorian theme. At the time I couldn't find any land to buy, but I joined the group and have been involved in the chatter and social side of Caledon ever since.
Recently a message went out through the groups that builders were being sought to help build a display at the celebration grounds for the Second Life 5th Birthday.
Naturally I had my hand waving high. Being relatively new... to both Caledon and SL, I expected to be told to stand in the corner and rez some cubes. I didn't expect to being doing anything much. When asked to send in a list of skills, I said I was a jack of all trades and master of none.

Next, I got a notecard showing the allocated areas and I had been allocated the "Caldeon Residential Street". Other were to work on the square, others landscaping.
I flew to the site... and was blown away to find 8 spaces laid out for the street. Seriously?? I couldn't possibly have been given the job of building 8 houses....
Yes, indeed! 8 houses, 10 x 10m, no taller than 15m, varied to represent the diversity of homes in Caledon.

OK.. I will be frank. I was overjoyed. How much fun could I possibly have? I built a platform above Fathom and started building with passion.
I built like a lunatic for 3 days. And by the end of the weekend I had 8 houses. there are still a few tweaks I can do but they are essentially done. In fact, I built number 9 today.

It has been so much fun!

One of the builds was a miniature version of my Wyre light house. I put it at the edge of the display... because I wasn't so sure it belonged in a Caledon, but I got asked to move it to the centre as it was liked so much.
I am thrilled that the houses are acceptable!

And how exciting to see them in a big thing like the bday celebration!
The rest of the Caledon build is not complete yet as not everyone has the same slabs of time available as I do.. or the building mania.....

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Building Report

So now I am down to 889 prims! oh oh oh
I have built the Summer Pavilion. Dance, swim, dine, relax, chill. Made for all the things of summer.
I have had to dig a path into the hill side so that we can walk over. Hard work. I have blisters on my hands from all that pick action.
I will go shopping soon and collect a little swimming fun to put at the end of the pier. There is a dance on the end of the pavilion to enjoy in the moonlight.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Progress Report!

Building goes on. I am having a fabulous time.. did you know?
I still have a heap of prims up my sleeve... 1199 anyway... and going fast....
But I am having so much fun using them.

Last week I worked on Smugglers' Point. The smugglers of Fathom are not that bright and are using a shed under a light house.... Dear CheeseWeasel is working on a script so that at a touch a barrel I have sculpted will fall over and roll away from the door to their stash.
Two boats are currently docked at the wharf. I think it needs more clutter.. but then... more prims go..

Before I left Wyre, I had been working on a chapel for my garden block. The chapel is all but finished now and has been placed on the South West corner of Fathom. The chapel is called Saint Paula's.
Recently there has been a lot of worry amongst the men... well pretty much just Wil actually....that the widows are killing off their husbands in Caledon. To prepare for any further untimely deaths, I have built a graveyard next to the chapel. I hope Wil is comforted by my care for his future accommodation.

Parties and Dancing

I spend a lot of time dancing in SL.
Here is a picture of Eleanor and I dancing at Kate's rez day party. Eleanor is high kicking to the left and I am dashing in red slightly off centre to the right.
Floating above the party is Hostpur's vessel. The floor is textured with cogs that moved enough to make us quite motion sick. LOL
SlL parties are not like RL parties ever!

Sometimes a sl party can be little fun ... if a particular crowd does voice chat... or stay chatting in IMs with their particular friends, it can be a bit dull. Other times it can be a riot of laughter.
If it is dull, I can leave myself dancing and listen to the music while catching up with things like this blog.

Today I ran past three dances. The annual holiday in Wyre was on today. but too early for me to get there really so I dropped to say 'hi' then flew off after a quick change to the pirate dance for RFL in Caledon. Danced there for a while and shot off via another change of clothes to New Toulouse. When that finished, I flew back to Caledon....

Social butterfly.... or angel.....

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Great Change. Sadness and Happiness

There have been disturbances in the ether. Recently across from Laudanum, a new business was built. A Naughty Bits business. Complete with a rounded Gothic breast shaped building topped with a full bright nipple. The widows of Laudanum are not amused. The add in the search suggested it was a good location for free sex. You can imagine the crowd we were expecting.

But then fresh news came to hand.....
It happened on Wednesday evening... rumour that land was changing hands. Suddenly there were two large tracts of land available . Winterfell Harbour, a whole open space sim (home of the nasty naughty bits) and Winterfell Fathom, a half sim were available. The nipple was leaving and there were decisions to make.
I clearly can not afford a whole one and really did not think I could afford the half one. Eleanor was making all the noises of a sorely tempted prim princess and I thought it was a pretty much done deal that Harbour had a new and much better mistress.
Meanwhile Fathom beckoned.
I sent Miss Serra a note card asking for details and then waited and tried not to think about it.

Friday I got a reply. It was going to cost me less than $2 a day.......ohhhhh how can you say no to half an island of prims.....
So the rest of Friday was happy and sad. Mostly sad though as I had a lot of coffee and a lot of packing to do and by the end of the day, I was in a very strange caffeinated place!

Goodbye to Isle of Aud.
Not as terribly sad as it might have been. Otenth asked if he could keep the light house. I am flattered and happy. A little less heart break about leaving my island if it is doesn't have to lose its house too.
Goodbye to the Garden
The garden is still pretty but the new sim across has stolen the sunset so it was less tearful than it would have been.
Goodbye to the Pavilion
I spent so much time building this.. More time than anything else I have made. I am happy enough but it doesn't really show how much time went into it. Once I built Nettlewood, I didn't need the pavilion any more. And Nettlewood came close to being just what I wanted.
Goodbye to Nettlewood Laudanum
Nettlewood... Lukos says it is better than he thought I could make. Hmmm take that anyway you want!! I am always suspicious when people admire your wall paper. But that aside, I love Nettlewood so it must come with me........

Welcome to Winterfell Fathom, Smuggler's Top.
In my whole state of whelmed of the over variety, I forgot to take photos for 'before and after' so this is it as it currently appears- 'during'.

To the right of the photo you can see the bridge that Wil has installed to continue the road that passes through Winterfell Undertow. As it passes into Fathom the incline increases and I have spent some hours devising stairs to negotiate the steep hillside that Nettlewood now finds itself on.

Isn't it beautiful?
When I first bought the land it was so bare and barren and steep. I was completely at a loss to imagine where I was headed. Friday night I actually ran off and did the blitz at NCI as I just couldn't get my head to work at Fathom.
It must have worked as things are starting in grow now in my mind. I have planted a lot of trees. That is really making a huge difference to the ambiance of the place.
I have put up the light house in its own nook though it needs more work to make it look like it belongs there. Early days.
I really don't want it all 'done" as I will then want to move again! ;)
And here is what it is all about in SL for me........ I had the pleasure of a visit from Eleanor and Xavier and even Lukos at one point. Sitting at the new house enjoying the outlook. With friends...

En Guard and Playing at Sanctum Sanctorum

Happy days in SL!

The baron is rebuilding and I have already shown you other bits. This week Wil and I had a brief play there.
This place is like hell after the devil moved out! The above picture is a coffin with me inside!

My neighbour, Eleanor Anderton has installed a game of En Guard! We are hoping to establish a Winterfell team and are currently looking for a name.
Here is Eleanor-formidable foe!

I have no idea what the rules are.. but it is a lot of fun, a bit tense and I am not so good at it. But I can enjoy it none the less!

Audrey-looking the part, even if not skilled
Suspect that if I can find willing players I could become far more addicted to it than mushroom hunting!

Eleanor seems to have natural skills and I fell on her sword constantly until she crashed!

Occasionally I managed to deal with this vixen with a parry... but mostly it was death for me!
However I figure the best course of action is to never read the rules and continue to have an excuse. The moment I read the rules I am going to be undone. No more excuses!

Am Radio

You know by now that I keep myself pretty busy in SL. I don't do much exploring as I am always busy building or talking and dancing. ( which I am doing right now while I am blogging!)
Net result is that I am still remarkably ignorant about the great worthies of SL.
One that has managed to creep into my world is AM Radio.
I really wish I had dialogue to cope with appreciating art. But I don't. Here are some pictures.