Monday, December 7, 2009


I have been busy and not busy...
I did buy more land!
What a surprise!

I am very much struggling to build there as the trees are messing with my cameras at ground level, and I am too easily distracted
So I have sort of stopped building the house at the moment.

Instead I went on a little building spree for kitty winter dresses to celebrate Christmas in. Sometimes I find picking names as much trouble as making the frocks!
I start by googling something like...
frock, dress, Victorian

Then I might look for textures by googling things like:
red, Christmas, satin, brocade, lace or fabric

Then it is time for fun.
Last job is name picking.
I try to think of a name that I will remember so that I do not have to keep looking them up to work out which is which. But it hasn't worked. I simply don't remember :)
So here are the most recent ones. Peaches has been named for Peaches Latrell who was giving me some land advice while I was making it.
So the dresses have gone out into Raglan, Southend and Victoriana and I am enjoying a small trickle of funds towards all my crazy rent obligations :)

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