Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pendulum Swings

Sighs heavily. I was 5th out of 42 for the job I went and interviewed for. They did say it was for several positions, but they have offered and have been accepted the first and there is no talk of any more immediately.
The land sale has hit a snag. The property settlement for me to leave this house to be able to buy the next has gone a lot slower than my lawyers could have expected and so it isn't ready. i face large penalties if i do not have the funds.
It is rather exasperating.
Add to that a full moon that is making the vast majority of everyone round me (and including me) act like lunatics....
I bet one day the only time I will blog will be full moons!

Turn your blog into a book
My friend Sylvia has turned a year worth of her blog into a book. It is completely sensational. I so badly would love to have this blog made into a book! Mostly the early times before I lost some of my SL Zing! but it would be lovely to be able to pick it up and flick through all the photos and stories.
Sylvia is the queen of blogging. her book is full of the most wonderful photos of food, friends and stitching
Sylvia's Blog

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