Saturday, September 6, 2008

Erasmus Margulis. Knight of Caledon, September 2, 2008

The other day, with little warning, a special event was announced. Finally Des had managed to find himself on line at the same time as Kamillah and Erasmus Margulis.

Ras was to be knighted for his role as Team Captain of Caledon for RFL in SL in 2008.

It was in fact, nothing short of a miracle to find the three on line and with time up their sleeves as they are all so busy. And as it was the first time in nearly two months, it was not an opportunity to be missed.

It is amazing! I got there just a little late, some of the speeches had already been made, but I managed to grab a couple of photos of the actual knighting ceremony.
Miss K said that a wrench was a better instrument for knighting as it represents building rather than battle.. or words to that effect.

Lovely Jay danced with me. Jay is one of the nicest guys I have met in SL.

For a spontaneous event, it was amazing to see such a great turnout of the regular voices in Caledon.
A bit of a "who's who" plus me!

Nix mentioned that he had just one arm, so it seemed vital to get a photo of Nix for the blog :)
If you have know the badger song, you can now sing it with a different mental image!

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