Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Tragic Maiden Voyage of S S Wind

I arrived in world to be greeted by a very quick IM from Muse. Quick! The SS Wind was making its first voyage as the ferry between Caledon and Winterfell.
This was not an opportunity I would have chosen to miss. Many months ago I had joined Mr Dominic Webb on a survey mission, on a floating wood prim, navigating the course we were to be taking today. To be part of this auspicious journey seems a nice piece of symmetry.

Sim crossings proved a challenge from time to time, and yet in no time at all we arrived in Winterfell Absinthe.Little did we guess what lay ahead!
Gallantly the little boat set out again, As we passed Winterfell Undertow though the harsh realities of the recent Open Space changes became more obvious. Ahead of us spread the mists of missing sims.
We approached the border of Fathom, my home and Undertow. Outcrops of Fathom's perilous shores hugged the coast. Seemingly harmless but not!

As we got closer to Fathom, something went so seriously wrong! Engines failed! Steering failed! Our brave Captain, Mr Webb managed to bring the boat to rest upon the uneven shores of Fathom.

No sooner had we settled at the islands edges, when further disaster struck! Huge flames burst forth from the front mounted boiler engine.
While poor bunnies struggled for breath in the submerged rear, Wrath and I tried valiantly to save the boat from further damage.

Finally we were able to subdue the flames and save the wonderful vessel for another day when new paths through the reformed Winterfell can be forged.

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