Sunday, November 30, 2008

Caledon Southend

The move is made and I am now a Caledon girl!
Heppi has passed her land over to me to make paying tier easier and I now have a little Audsland on the corner of Southend.

Aud's Corner and Brioni's Thing

I am gradually putting my bits and pieces about and will soon be grumbling about the shortage of prims, but this time with only three houses they are looking a bit more furnished!

I have Heppi's house and the Ginger House in a line and my new home, Harboard House at right angles to them. Heppi's house is home base for Reese and has my houses out for sale.

The Ginger house is sort of a shop... but I haven't got much stock yet that is remotely inspiring.

I built the Harboard House for Jay and Jamie and originally included dungeons. For me though, I would rather a bathroom and so I have taken out the dungeons and given the top floor two rooms. I have got it all just about ready to put on SLexchange.

I had a successful weekend on SLExchange last weekend and sold a few items which was exciting.
The money doesn't go far though... here i am celebrating a new outfit and skin


Eleanor Anderton said...

Now who is a prim princess? Remember I have that lovely double prim lot down by Roy! Need a few more prims dear?

Anonymous said...

It looks lovely Audrey.

I should love to see it personally.
However I am unable to as the universal concepts, of justice, equity and fairness do not apply in all Second Life "Nations".