Friday, April 3, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt

You know what?
I hate treasure hunts. Once when I was little, the Easter bunny left eggs in our back yard and I looked for weeks.. months.... and I couldn't be convinced by anyone that all the eggs had been collected. How could you be sure? How could anyone really know how many eggs the Easter Bunny left?

Add to this the fact that my brain seems to work on some different wave length to your average treasure hider.. because I find it impossibly hard to find anything before my brain seizes and forces me to retreat before I become abusive in mixed company.

So when lovely Star Fairymeadow announced to me that she had hidden an Easter egg in her shop, I heaved the saddest of sighs. I hate to disappoint Star as she is one of SL's sweetest people. And I would absolutely love to win one of her dresses. But Star, I type, I hate treasure hunts.... Star tells me that it is easy to find. More sighing. Then I get a call form RL. I tell Star I will write it down and come back. Fully planning to be saved from the treasure hunt for good ;)

Problem is that Star's dresses are too nice. And I couldn't resist... and I did go hunt.. and it was easy.. and now I am dressed in .... .... ...Pink!

The hunt started elsewhere, but if you want to pick it up at Stars, here is the SURL
Thanks Star!

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