Friday, April 17, 2009

Castle March

I am nearly done! I was sighing with happiness before, now some more photos of the doings and decos of the castle. I have one last thing to make. I want to make a comfy chair for the secret library.

The Great Hall
Complete with a new fireplace, a trophy and candles, scattered rugs and new 4 pose sofas.

The Staircase
To the landing with Indian themed paintings and featuring the freebie lamp I have given away hundreds of on SLExchange.

The Master Bedroom
The bed is from Steelhead and if I was at home now, instead of dancing at Oxbridge I would insert the name of the builder here.

Guest Room
Bed and a bay window in one of the castle's turrets.

The Lounge
Another bay window and from here if you knew where to look, you would see the entrance to the secret room.

The Bathroom
I love the buckets......simple things make me happy :)

The Landing
I enjoyed this a lot. Now.. let me go build that arm chair....

1 comment:

Rory Serpente said...

A secret library is an excellent, nay an essential requirement.

One cannot have the great unwashed masses of common folk accessing books, they may learn things.

If that happened there would be no stopping it? They may even start asking for the right to vote. Unthinkable.

So you have created an excellent building and supported sound social policy.

God Save Her Majesty,Queen Victoria