Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fogwoman Gray and Vivito Volare

I met Miss Fog and Mr Volare while helping to build the Caledon exhibit for SL5BD. Mr Volare was the coordinator and Miss Fog his right hand woman.
Since then they have treated me to a few snippets of the story of their relationship which began in SL and is to continue in RL with them being married this week.
Two kind, generous people meeting and sharing interests.
It is something I watch with interest, the blossoming of an Internet friendship into a RL relationship.
It isn't something I find much acceptance of in the "real world" but I think that really it is only a matter of time before it is sufficiently common that people forget that ever there was a doubt about the validity of these relationships.
The Internet, like RL is full a mix of people. That part isn't different. Meeting and getting to know someone via TXT and not physical appearance is different. And the moment when you meet the physical person you think you already "know"... that has to be nerve wracking!
Vito and Fog have been there, done that! And on Thursday they marry!
I think anyone who knows them would agree it couldn't happen to nicer people. I wish them every scrap of happiness!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations and my very best wishes to Miss Gray an Mr Volare.

I cannot recall having met Mr Volare, however Miss Gray and Wil Beaumont had many an "exchange of views" and always parted friends and on good terms, you are Madame a remarkable lady and I believe Mr Volare a fortunate man.

I wonder if Mr Volare will need to purchase snow-gear or shall Miss Gray need to stock-up on beach towels.

I wish you both on-going peace, love, friendship, health and happiness in your RL (and SL) together.

Rory and Wil