Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tilba Grove

This is me moving into my new home in Victoriana Forest.
I have squeezed and pushed and added prims to one of my older buildings, Gingerbread Cottage. It is now a tiny home. Room for Taz and I to sit by the fire or have a big friend or two join us in the music room. My treadle sewing machine waits for me to find time to sew again.
When I was building a year ago, the main aim was prim limitation. I would build a room with one prims, hollowed out and a doorway. These days, the crazy camera behavior in a hollowed out cube is not worth the few prims saved so I replaced all the hollowed prims with fine and proper ones and now it is much easier to navigate the camera aound the house.

Building outside is something of a challenge.
My camera is forever caught on the planes of a tree.
Still, I will put up with that because it means I live in a beautiful tree filled grove.
Can't wait to show you some more pictures as i wander around the sim!

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