Sunday, January 30, 2011


I am incorrigible
My state of homelessness lasted a fortnight!
I asked Des... and he happened to have a tiny little block to spare. The rent is only 475L$.. so I have paid up 13 weeks of rent!
I think with that much time up my sleeves, I should easily have more tier earned before my next payment is due
Not many prims to use... but somewhere to get changed. Rez a box. Make a skirt.
It's in Caledon. In fact it is in the first sim I ever watched being born. I am sure I blogged about it way back when


Fogwoman Gray said...

Glad you can't stay away :)

Edward Pearse said...

Maybe you could see if there's an SL *patch* you could wear. Or enrol in SL anonymous? The first step to kicking your habit is admitting you have a problem :-)

Wildstar said...