Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Conclusion, a Beginning

Blogging from a mobile phone is not a superior way to really get in the mood and sort through all the thoughts and emotions.
It's really just going to be news highlights.

3 weeks ago Taz and I  got married in real life. Our second life meeting at a garden party was echoed in another garden party. My longing for a home at the waters edge that lead to many seaside sl homes was satiated (to a degree at least) by the location looking over a beautiful South East Australian coastal village Bay.

The day couldn't have been improved. The sun shone,  the guests sparkled in spring colours, my kids smiled, my family and friends gathered then helped serve lunch and clean up and chat and photograph, dad's  jazz band played......
It was exactly as I  hoped.

And best of all?  There was Tas. N
o longer a virtual presence. .a real. .wonderful. .physical and joyful presence.

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Otenth said...

What a wonderful beginning! Best wishes to both of you. :-)