Saturday, February 28, 2015

In World

This is living happily ever after!

During the day I go to RL work and I can't tell you how much I am not enjoying that. But coming home, I find my Taz. In fact he comes and finds me at work each day. And that is what bliss feels like.

In the time since I was living in SL I have been very busy in RL and mostly building a new home and setting up a garden. And the not so small detail of marrying my SL partner friend and great joy, Taz.

So all the planning is done. The activity has settled, and though I know all the things I wanted are around me, I have been really battling with depression once more.

I wish that black dog would just leave me alone!

So when it gets bad enough I end up standing still, clawing at my misery, clawing at my Taz until I realise I need to do something. And I know things that help.
Vitamin B and creativity.

Steelhead Lighthouse and St Albans house rebuilt
In a few weeks I will be getting a kiln and that excites me a lot but in the weeks until then I have allowed myself some play in SL once more.
I have been putting out some of my favourite things. Things I had forgotten and others I treasure.

The maker of my chair no longer has an in-world store

A sad thing has been reading the profiles of many of the creators to find out that they are not in world anymore. Little sadnesses.

But a big happiness is sitting by the sea with my tiger in our sl home. RL and SL Mr and Mrs Belgar.

Taz and I sharing some bliss

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