Thursday, December 20, 2007

Building in Second Life

Santa and Friend-won first prize today
Sitting in NCI Kuula, one of the most repeated questions is "How do I get money?"
After 2 months, I have yet to purchase a L$. Honestly there is so much fun for free I still don't know why anyone bothers looking for money.
Never the less I went along to an NCI Salsa and won L$60. Untold wealth!!! I guarded my money like a miser.
Having sat and watched the builders at NCI I was realised that the building part of SL was actually very appealing. I joined my first building blitz simply because almost no one else turned up and I figured that even if I won a minor prize just by entering, then I could maybe double my money!

Ok. To be frank...The first thing, Rusty... was hideous. And yes, I did win one of the minor prizes.
And now I am 100% hopelessly addicted to building in SL.

I have since won some newbie blitzes and show and tell events with better builds and have accumulated and spent quite a bit of money. ..... all buying textures, scripts and sounds to make more things.

I am not the kind of builder that everyone sits back in awe over like Aley...

And I use way too many prims.
And my builds are more about a joke than perfection. They are not for sale or built with that as a goal.. they are just a challenge to me.
Can I? How do I? I wonder if..?
I love it!

Three cheers for the folk at NCI who have given me the tips, scripts, textures and tools when I needed them

And this is me in my first successful outfit! The skirt is made from scratch, I didn't make the top-just re-coloured one and added the bow. And fiddled the hair a from a freebie. I love that learning to build means that I can alter things I have picked up along the way....note to self: only buy all mods items!

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