Monday, December 24, 2007

The dreaded lag

Here is the situation:
I suffer from pretty bad lag. Sometimes very bad lag.
I can expect 8-11 second delay each time I enter any kind of command.
I don't think it is an insufficient computer as we have a reasonably fast one. I pretty much blame Big Pong (aka Big Pond...aka Telstra).

Some things I have learnt:

I have shortened my view so I don't see the open vistas that those with windlight enjoy. In fact I haven't even bothered with it.

Do not teleport too often and expect to succeed.

If I have done a lot of camera maneuvering, reset it first before doing anything important. It is most likely going to crash the computer.

Sitting is always safer than walking.

But do not sit before you have let things load after arriving somewhere. This brings on an experience I have not heard of anyone else having. My camera believes we are buried in a near by hill. I am still visible to the people I was with and we can still chat, but I just see hill.
If I leave it alone as soon as this begins there is a chance that it will fix itself. But if I have accidentally hit a second command, quitting is the only option.

Turn off live sound streaming except when I really want it working.

Keep active windows like maps to a minimum.

All multi-tasking is asking the band width to provide more and it isn't happy so the more the worser!!!

Clear the cache regularly.

Rebake textures.

If inventory is slow to load, I try to remember the name of the item I want and type it in. Often it can find it if you ask even though it isn't loaded yet. (???)

Flying is easier than walking but do it in stages. Walking has obstacles, but flying takes me too far for the rate of information arrival and brings on a crash.

My flights go like this:
Page up
(Count to 8)
page up
(Count to 8)
forward burst ( don't hold or else crash)
(Count to 8)
repeat until hovering where wanted.

Then I chose to stop flying as I think it is a hoot to sprawl all over the ground when I crash land!

Some say they could not enjoy SL with these limitations... but anyone who has been within earshot lately knows that I do anyway.

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