Monday, December 24, 2007

Lives Cross Over

A little while back, I went to my first Second Life quilt meeting. In the marrow of my bones I was quite convinced that I would win the door prize... and I did!!!!
And this is where the lives crossed over. The prize was real life thread. 42 spools of Aurifil thread. You should see it. It is so gorgeous. I must take a photo of it so that you can be equally impressed. I might have to stop fooling around in Second Life long enough to play with my wonderful new thread!

1 comment:

aykayem said...

ok - virtual worlds giving you real quilting/etc stuff! - that was enough to convince me to go have a look ... but u know me - can't just look ... so I am now Aykayem Weatherwax ... LOL
(but I have not downloaded the client thingy or anything yet, so I have not actually done anything except sign up ... I will download the thingy on the other computer, rather than annoy DH by filling this one up with "junk" lol)