Sunday, January 20, 2008

Christmas Building

Tis the season.. to build.

Following some remarks from Grandma Bates, I did a little work on the reindeer from Santa's sleigh and he is now reindeer soup. Complete with fire action and swirling goo. The swirling goo is made from a yuck texture I created in "Paint". I put two layer, both a bit transparent, in the top of the pot with one at an angle to the other and then put in scripted movement. At the moment I have no control over the direction of movement. I have fooled endlessly with the parameters but have no luck.

As it was her idea, I sent a copy off to Grandma Bates which she popped on her front lawn. Next thing I know, Corcosman Voom has received one in a gift bundle from "Best of Second Life". Grandma was quite concerned that it had escaped via her yard :)
I was thrilled. My reindeer soup was being passed around!
So many people have done so much to help me since I joined SL that I want to do all I can to "pass it on".

As well as making silly season soup, I entered an ice sculpture contest. Read the details in the next blog posting.
Having made the Opera House and Ferry... it seemed necessary to build the harbour bridge... not a fun thing to build at all. Boring boring boring.

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