Thursday, January 31, 2008

Installing a lighthouse

Today I received an IM from Grandma Bates. Was I ready to have a guest? Of course! And always.
As you know, I had plans to build a light house on the island and I had just received an IM from Otenth Paderborn giving it his approval and some advice about how to clear the island.
I intended to first pack up my things and then carefully go through the instructions. I had almost packed up my own things when Grandma teleported in.

Grandma arrived to see the almost empty cottage. As there wasn't much to show here otherwise, I quickly rezzed the proposed lighthouse on top of us (whoops) then shifted it over the top of the original cottage.
I was chatting away with Grandma and mostly watching my fingers as I typed. I must have some how moved the cursor from the dialogue box... and I deleted everything left on the island!

So what option had I but to immediately install the lighthouse and contents. And here are the pictures!

Sun sets over Aud Isle.
Xavier Felwitch had already suggested that with my island's location, sitting on a veranda watching the sunset would be a delight, but before the relocation, the trees were in the way.
The new arrangement should make it a charming possibilty.

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