Sunday, April 27, 2008

NCI Birthday Blitz Building

Ok.. there weren't enough newbies in the early hours of the party.. so they opened the blitz up. The theme for both of today's blitzes, for young and old, was NCI. The newbies one.. as just too early for my brain.... my build was ugly.. so lets not immortalise it in the blog, ok?

But the Oldies was fantastic! Great friends rolled up for both participating and viewing. As usual I asked what I should build and as usual Loris said... 'cat box'.... so I did! I used up a lot of my prim allowance very swiftly making lots of tiny chairs.. but then I had 20 minutes to make textures: the sign over the arch says "Lorimae's Sandbox" and then there is "Lori's Kitty Litter" on the sides of her box and I made a kitty litter texture for the tray.

(I look like I have strolled into NCI Lilliput!)
The builds were fabulous and featured personalities we all know at NCI.. but it seems that Welli is a hit with the builders. Viz made a monolithicly sized one of him.
.. while Lorimae had Welli and Mutten in a slap fest.
Annie's Garn was magnificent!
And here is Lori testing out her sandpit...... I asked her to keep it clean :)
ohhhh and did I mention?? I won!!!

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