Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Week in Wardrobe

Shallow shallow.............I am feeling shallow all over again!
This week was full of mini-drama and as a blog material, not remotely worth reliving. Long story short though is that directly and indirectly, I ended up with a lot more clothes!
Shopping is a great distraction for troubled times!
So instead of recounting tales that aren't mine to recount, I will show you just a few of the extensions to the wardrobe.
I have the most beautiful collection of clothes from Silent Sparrow. And I figured the new clothes deserved new shoes. Well you have to agree, surely?
In case you are wondering, yes! I do have buff coloured pants on!
I was once an av that almost never changed clothes but wore a uniform of capris and I am now hopping in and out of outfits all day!

The last images are of the outfit Seraph! The textures are so beautiful.

First just with me as a clothes hanger- then in action at the Winterfell Ball (Otenth on the left and Jess on the right)

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