Sunday, July 13, 2008

Congratulations Tayra and Arthur

Such a busy time...
Honestly I have edited so many photos, I hardly have the energy to write the story!
Tayra and Arthur got married!
It started with a toilet and an impressive organ. It turned into love. Then there was a rez day party turned engagement that I attended and blogged about.
This weekend was the hens night and wedding.
The hen's night was to be held at Kaye's but she was held up in RL and so the event was moved at short notice to my place at Fathom.

With a few quick modifications, the pavilion was made ready for the first ever dance held there since I bought the half sim!

Quite an extraordinary night. A significant amount of nudity (! pixel flesh ! ooh la la)
And generally a very silly time.

The wedding was the next day. I was the maid of honour!

I have never been even so much as a bridesmaid in RL so this was a bit of a big deal for me.
Things did not really run so smoothly. Nervous bride and crashing groom kept us all on the edge of our seats until the very end of the proceedings, but the sentiments offered in the speeches... sigh...... lovely!

The groom waited for his bride to arrive. She was having a quick change at my place after teasing us mercilessly about wearing a mini skirt for the wedding.
The guests began to arrive. All looking fine.
Here is Eleanor Anderton, looking lovely in pink.

They took their seats in the wonderful place built by Arthur and decorated by Tayra.

The wedding party assembled and we are almost ready to start, when the groom crashed.

I am sure that for just a few seconds the bride thought she had been abandoned. But with Mr Showboat, there was no need to fear!

Sadly though our computer problems were just beginning. Will, who was giving Tayra away, froze and crashed. Poor Will.

Fortunately things stumbled along and the vows were made finally and the bride and groom were declared united by Miss Bamika.


Aint love grand?

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