Saturday, July 26, 2008

Recent Building Acitivity

Sigh.. I am running out of prims again!
Took a little longer than we might have thought in the past... but here we are again! 140 prims Naturally I have enjoyed building with them. So many building that by now I have accumulated a village in the sky.. have I put a photo up here of it yet? I cant remember... so here is one now. 700m above Fathom. Lots of small foot print, low prim houses for sale.

So much building!
The recent spate started with finally loading the software that Will (Wilberforce Beaumont) had been nagging about for a while. One thing I had wanted to give a try was making alpha's. Something I hadn't even heard of before SL. Basically it is the see through bit in texture that lets you see beyond the texture you are applying. Clear as mud?
Well! It turns out that while they are difficult to explain to the uninitiated, they are dead easy to make.
The first thing I made once I had mastered the skill was the Gingerbread Quilts Studio and Shop.

You see, the quilting group I belong to in SL has been trying to organise a shop hop, and I had nothing to offer. So the only sensible thing to do was to build a shop. Cute isn't it? All the white fretwork bits you can see are the alpha bits... they let you see through to the house behind, see?

The quilt shop is now full of quilts for sale, but in this back corner of my sim at an inconspicuous edge of Winterfell, the only visitors are the ones I drag there !
So having built the cutest little shop, I wondered if I shouldn't make a larger shop to sell things associated with the quilts. So far I have made a few beds and put them in the larger building, Gingerbread Furnishings.
It is such a pretty building too! I will probably put in front door and offer as a home for sale.
Will, famous now for pushing me into loading was getting close to gaging from all the pretty. Winterfell is supposed to be dark.. closer to Gothic than fairy floss. So as I have been throwing a bucket of sugar around on my sim, I felt I owed it to him to build something gloomy. So while he was doing some real life sleeping, I tip-toed over to his place and built the beginnings of a Gothic cathedral. He has bought one of the Baron's wonderful organs and needed a home for it. I hope this works. When Will finally arrived in SL, he seemed pleased with what I have been up to and we spent the rest of today working on it together.

He's gone back to sleep again, so I have snuck in and wasted a few more of his prims and added flying buttresses!

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Anonymous said...

Audrey, I'd be happy to give you some primmage in my Heidrun Industries building near the telehub in Laudanum. I'm underusing the space, and I'd be tickled pink to have something productive happening in the space. (It might even light a fire under me to make a few more products myself!)