Thursday, July 10, 2008

Strange and Terrible

I have been absent from my bloggings for a little while because I have had a little bit of a 'thing' happen.
I guess it is, in the scheme of things, a small thing. However in the happy place I had found myself in, it really upset me quite a lot and made the happy snaps of SL seem an unworthy reflection of what was going on for me.

Basically an alt targeted me for some abuse and mind games. An alt is an alternative avatar established by some one who already has an existing persona in SL. The attack took place over two nights before I muted this person.

The attacks involved several friends names and reputations. The person I was being attacked by is clearly unwell and it was never my intention to cause further damage, nor is it my intention for me and mine to suffer at the mercy of this troubled person.

The alt marked a path that clearly lead to a certain person as the owner of the alt. The path is so clear that it seems deliberately set. Was it to ruin another person in the game? Or was it in fact, unable to disguise itself in its illness?

What happened though is that I lost some SL innocence and joy. I don't know why this person targeted me. 'It' called me collateral damage. In my whole life, I have never met such careless disregard. That must count me as fortunate. So, counting my blessings, I am moving forward and leaving this strange event behind.


Corcosman said...

Well, I suppose knowing the source of the alt has some value. Whether or not it was worth 48 hours of abuse, only you can say.

Anonymous said...

Miss Fotherington, I'm sorry to learn you were the victim of such mischief. Having muted the person, I hope you've heard the last of it.

Audrey said...

:) Corcosman, I am way too inquisitive to have not engaged in the battle and endevoured to find out all I could about this alt.
It seems to have fallen on its own sword though so whether it chooses to reappear in a new form remains to be seen.