Monday, December 1, 2008

Hat Modelling

Today I was busy building in Southend and reading ISC chat (Independent State of Caledon) and heard Miss Reghan ask for "lady" volunteers.
Never quite sure that this rough colonial will pass for a lady, I nevertheless put IMed and volunteered.
Next thing I know I am a lady model for the latest hat from Hatpins. The Miss Maia hat girl.

Now one thing that wasn't mentioned in the contract was the need for me to not touch the mouse or keyboard while she took the photos. Cruel!! Very cruel! Can you imagine me quiet.. still and silent for 5 minutes???

She needed me to wear pastel. Hmmmmmm pastel? I could only think of one pastel dress for sure besides the cupcake dresses from my bridesmaid days. I am so not a pastel dresser. But I pulled out the one I keep for my goody two shoe days. I offered to put on my blond hair as well but Miss Reghan preferred I stay with my usual red.

So I went and peeled onions in real life while Miss Reghan had her way with me....

I can be a lady just so long as I am quiet - silent and still!

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