Friday, December 19, 2008

I hate shopping

I say I hate shopping.
It's true.
I really do.
But it seems when push comes to shove, my inner girl must come out and when I feel a bit low.....
This week I have been without a major building project and that always leaves me at a loose end.
So this week's obsession has been shoes.
I only bought two pairs because as well as hating to shop, I hate spending. And it most certainly isn't the same thing.

Up until now, I have spent the vast majority of my SL in one pair of shoes. I could run back into SL now and take a photo of them.. but if you have seen me at all, you have seen me in them. Long black, skin tight, knee high and dangerously stillettoed.

This week though I decided I needed something more casual and something can pick your own word here ....

The first shoe I bought was this gym boot. Brooklyn Style Girl by Ameno Heron. Aren't they just wonderful? The left and right shoe are made individually with their own accessories. Absolutely brilliant textures and detailing. Really wonderful

Next up...
=DeLa*= Pumps "Stella" by Kuranosuke Kamachi
Did I already use the word wonderful twice? Hmmm need another superlative please. /me looks to Tzaizqan to provide adjective. (LOL)
This shoe was just a little expensive for me... $400 one colour only but so lovely I had to have it.
I will now buy lots of clothes to wear with them :)

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Kim said...

Love your shoes…. specially the second pair.